Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy pre-Thanksgiving!

Alright, so from comments here and on my blog, it sounds like there's enough interest for me to host this. Yay! I think it will be fun, and I'm super excited to see how creative people will be! I'm going to work on coming up with categories as well as a questionnaire for the participants to fill out. I'll open signups in early January. If you have any suggestions/comments/concerns, please share them! You can comment here or email me: knitterscavengerhunt (at) yahoo (dot) com

My initial thoughts are as follows:
1 - Participants need a blog to participate, but everyone will be a poster here, too (like in PRGE)
2 - US/Canada participants only for the first round (if it goes well, I'll host again!)
3 - Limit participants to 30 people
This is for two reasons. . . 1) This is my first time hosting and I want to make sure
I can do a good job! and 2) I think you get to know your partner and the other swappers
better when it's smaller

Thanks so much, everyone, I look forward to it!

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