Friday, February 29, 2008

Goodies in Alaska!

Thank you Wendy!!! What a nice surprise waiting for me when I returned home from work today. Here's a run-down of the loot:

Something Hard: The book, "Arctic Lace" - Knitting projects and stories inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters. Hard indeed! I've only started to tackle a lace project & oy-vay! It'll be great fun to read the book & learn more about local knitters. Perhaps I'll work up my courage to try some Qiviut.

Something Round: A retractable measuring tape. Perfect - I think I need one in each project bag.

Something Local: A coffee mug depicting the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. - I *LOVE* coffee - this is perfect!!

Something related to the letter "T": Yummy Treats! All dark chocolate + coffee - a blend of my two favorite things: coffee & dark chocolate. In addition - coffee bean stitch markers - Bulls-eye, Wendy!!

Something Funny: One of those toys that when you turn it upside down it makes a mooing sound. I think the sound is supposed to be a sheep (sheep are in the picture). I know my kids will love this. :0)

Spoiler's Choice: Yarn Yuminess! Most excellent - I love sock yarn!

And the piece de la resistance? Something Green: A knitting pattern for a dissected frog! I about bust a gut when I saw that. It is absolutely perfect & so clever. I have just the right yarn to use. As an anatomy teacher this is so fantastic! I think I know what my biology teacher friends are going to receive for Christmas gifts next year. :0)

Wendy - you are fabulous! Many, many, many thanks!!

Something funny

Okay, I am having some problems thinking of something funny. Any ideas? Help!!!!

Wowza Wowza Wowza

I got the best package from Joann. She was an awesome pal.
Local Connecticut Book
Round Sock needles
Green Stitch markers and candy
T" Knitting tote and Tissues
Funny Gummies
Hard Calendar box
Soft Yarn
Joann really put alot of thought into this package. Thank you.

Yay Frieda!

I got my package today from Frieda. It was like my birthday, except I can't remember the last time I had eight (yes eight) packages to open. The picture shows only part of what I got. Other pix and details on why this was so great can be seen on my blog.

Here are the categories:

  • Local: Texana Coffee
  • Round: Stitch markers
  • Hard: Darning needle case
  • Green: Frieda-made project bag
  • T: Tasty treats
  • Funny: Fabric with knitting chickens
  • Yummy yarn: Yarn Pirate "Solstice" sock yarn
  • Extra: KnitPicks "Bare" for dyeing

Thanks a million, Frieda. This was such a fun swap.

Checked off the whole list...

And boxed it up and mailed it today... Swap pal... it's on the way! Your spoiler's choice category was 'Random' because we... we both are so 'random'!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going out from Alaska!

Keep your eyes open for a flowery package coming your way, my Pal! I sent it out today and hope that you enjoy it! The yellow one is for my Winter Doldrums Pal - I know that quite a few of you are doing both swaps like I am. These little swaps are really fun!

Yippee!! Mailing out tomorrow!

Yea, I'm mailing out tomorrow. I FINALLY had the necessary brain activity to figure out something round and something hard....can I send a picture of myself as something dense?? Anyway, some lucky blogger will be getting something soon!

It's Off!!

My package is now making its way to...... somewhere! I had such a blast shopping for my spoilee! I hope she likes everything as much as I liked picking it all out. :)

Thanks again, Carly, for an awesome swap! I hope we do this again, because I'll definitely sign up.

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My package ships today!

Where is it going?? You'll have to wait to find out!

Final reminder for everyone. . . your packages should be shipping out in the next day or two to ensure your spoilee receives it on or before March 7. If you are going to have ANY issue with this, please contact me ASAP at knitterscavengerhunt (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you haven't heard from your partner and haven't let me know, PLEASE contact me so I can check into it!

And, at the request of several comments, when you do post your loot, please include which item represents each category! We all want to see everyone's creative association in the categories!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks, Kathy R!

Oh my oh my, my spoiler was goood to me. Beautiful yarn, yummy Texas BBQ sauce and Peach Salsa, a wonderful HUGE knitting magnet (yes, it DID make me laugh) and a froggy Kritter Craft Case (which also made me laugh), a round tape measure (can't have too many of those) and a Vogue Knitting-On-The-Go book which isn't in the picture because it's in my knitting bag, all at home in a blue striped tote - my new sock-project bag. Thank you SO MUCH, Kathy! it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm so happy!

Wow! If these first packages are indicative of the quality of this swap, I am so, SO happy! I am definitely going to host another this spring! And, because you all rock, everyone in this round will get priority to sign up if you want to participate again!

Thanks, for making this so awesome! (now, I need to find some wood to knock on so that I didn't just jinx it!)

Thank You Martha!

What a treat to hear that I had a priority package awaiting me at home as I drove home in Houston's traffic last night. Just look at this picture:

Martha sent a wonderful note that explained about where she lives and about the contents of the package. The entire box was wonderful to explore! My cats knew that there was food in it. They were laying on top of the box when I got home and didn't like it when I took it away from them. I know why, the coffee smelled delicious and I wasn't even able to see it when I first opened the package. I think that the fish wind chime and the Socks That Rock Yarn stand out as favorites, but the thoughtfulness that went into each and every item was so very evident.

The "T" stood for treats and Martha deserves an A+ for that. She sent me some chocolate goodies made right where she lives....they might get to be shared, but we'll see.

The Spoiler's Choice was the most special part for me. Martha took the time to steal around my Ravelry and sent me the most wonderful yarn to make the Clementine Shawlett. Now I have no excuse not to get it made for the Munchkin's graduation.

Thank you again Martha for such a wonderful package.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thank You Paula

My Pal sent me such an awesome box, and it was so pretty that had to take a day just too look at how pretty it was. You can view that pic at my blog.

She included:

  • Short #2 needles which will be so handy with my sock knitting
  • A great sock bag which she made her self. See instructions here
  • French Fry stitch markers
  • Beautiful blue yarn
  • Chocolate (which is gone)
  • A cute green frog with gummy insects
  • A a "black sheep" take measure - which I've always wanted but wouldn't buy.

Thank you so very much Paula!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Look What I Got!!!

Look at the wonderful backage I got from Heather P. She was even so kind as to send it early so I'd have it for my birthday :) The chocolate is so good...there were 2 but the photo shoot! Two skiens of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, a yummy jasmine candle, a beautiful & handy bag she made herself & sells on etsy, stitch markers, green tea & a set of funny cards that say "What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about!" Too cute :) Thanks Heather!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take a Look!

Feast your eyes on what Karen mailed to me! I've been spoiled waaaaayyyyyy toooooooo much.

So many items, so little space. Corn yarn in a yummy beach-y colorway and super soft pink yarn. Chocolate and candy galore, Southern Living recipes and knitty notions. Scooby Doo keychain and a new mystery novel!

My fave is the row counter. I've always wanted one but never bought one.

Thanks again Karen for being a super swap partner.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New KAL/Swap Starting Up

Our gracious hostess, Carly, has given me permission to advertise a new kal/swap here. Its The Big Bag Knitalong & Swap! It occurred to me to combine a KAL and a swap in one. Details are on the blog. So, if you like knitting, felting and swapping, come on by. :)

The Big Bag Knitalong & Swap
Diary of a Mad Crafter

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed!

I was delighted to receive my swap swag from Christy on Tuesday!!  Lookie, lookie:

I received hand painted sock yarn (something local), dark chocolate almonds (something round), stitch markers (something green), pomegranate raspberry green tea (something related to the letter "t"), a fun journal (something funny), a Georgia key chain (something hard), some bonus goodies of wool yarn and handmade soap. :) The spoiler's choice category (something Buffy the Vampire Slayer would use) is on the way in a separate envelope. LOL!

I posted more detailed descriptions and individual pics over on my blog, Diary of a Mad Crafter. So feel free to stop over and ooh and ahh. :)


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last Item Purchased Near DC

I just obtained my last item today, so I will be sending my package out to the far, far away lucky receiver soon!

9 Days left!

So we are starting to roll with packages! Yay! I love seeing how folks are filling the categories. Me, I'm still struggling with my something funny. I now know what I want, but am having a really hard time finding it!

Remember, in order for your partner to receive by March 7, you likely need to mail by 2/29 or, at the latest, 3/3. That leaves just over one week to wrap up. If you are going to be late FOR ANY REASON please let me know ASAP! I have my fingers crossed. . . so far everyone has been responsive to everything, so hopefully no flakes and I won't have to tap anyone who volunteered to angel. (**thinks positive so as not to jinx**)

Also, as always, I'd love to hear your feedback. It seems like everyone is having fun, which was my goal, but anything you think I could have done better, please let me know! Tell me if you'd want to do another scavenger hunt in the future (don't worry, you're not committed to signing up, just for me to gauge if I should host another!).

Happy last-minute-final Scavenging!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going North

Do you live in Canada? Then you could have a package on the way to you from Virginia, USA!

I packed everything and shipped it out today. Lots of wonderful things, including a few hand made items just for my pal! I know she's going to love them! I've had such a great time with this swap! This has been, by far, one of the most creative swaps I have been lucky to join in on.

All Done and Nearly Ready to Go!

I've finished my package, and now it just needs to be wrapped. I love wrapping things! It's the little finishing touch that lets you admire your work (and covet the stuff one last time...).

I can honestly say that this is the most fun I've had with a swap, and I've done quite a few of them now. Tomorrow the package gets mailed!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Could something from here be on it's way to you?

Perhaps if you are my swap partner. My box is packed and sealed and ready to mail tomorrow to a destination very north of where it started. I can't wait until it arrives and we learn how it will be used.....

UPS delivers on President's Day?

It was a normal Monday holiday morning. I was knitting and not expecting any post to come.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

And there was a package!
Thanks, Clara!

In the package, there was a little jar of honey (something local), beautiful glass buttons (something hard), baby travel items (the second something green, the first was here), a little handmade Take-Out Box (letter T), Crystal Palace Iceland Wool (something round), and more yarn of the Regina Silk and Crystal Palace Panda Wool varieties (spoiler's choice). So much yarn! What to do with myself? I don't know.

And of course, last (but not least), the suave, sweet talking, El Toro (something funny). My husband can talk sweet, but I think El Toro is going to give him a run for his money.

This is so great! I think my stash has doubled this past weekend with some great sales I found on Friday plus this swap box! Oh man! I need to get back to knitting!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Now I'm Cookin'!

I'm very excited to have "Something Funny" and "Something Hard" both done now!! I've got a few ideas for the other categories, too, but need to get out shopping again. My spoilee happens to have perfect "likes" for my "Something Local" category. ;) 'Nuff said about that......

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Coming soon to a mailbox near you...

This little baby will be flying south for the winter. Maybe it will send back some sunshine and warm weather?

Happy Valentine's Day (sort of)

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Kntters Scavenger Hunt Swap.

Here's a Valentine's Day wish from my friend Ross. Click the picture to see it in a larger size. (Yes, I know they print this on t-shirts.)

While it's good to be in love on Valentine's Day, it's hard to be so far away from the person I love. It was harding seeing other people get bouquets of flowers and stuffed animals. Neither of our packages arrived on time (although mine arrived today, but Jules wasn't able to pick it up in time.) We did both remember, however. Jules even wished me an early Valentine's Day last night.

I did receive something else in the mail. Whatever could it be?

It's a skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Red Java and a pin from Art School Dropout, my prize from the Knitters Scavenger Hunt contest. Huzzah!

I'm debating what make with it. It's nice autumny color. Foliage seems to be the obvious choice, but I'm open to suggestions.

As a parting shot, here is something Jules made for me a while back, just because. He found the shell at the beach, and was inspired.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

On target...

That's funny... my hardest category has been funny as well! I think it's that, when you have to judge it, it's so subjective that you wonder "Is it really funny or am I just weird?"

I'm not sending mine out until after the weekend. I've got some finishing up to do and I want to wrap it nicely and tuck some extras in.

Oh boy... it's getting exciting!!!
I haven't posted anything about it on my blog since most of the items could be spoilers (if she looked, my swapee might notice the brand or color or theme).

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Package on its way...

I sent my package out today. I put it in the mail a bit early, but my partner will understand when she receives it.

I, too, had the hardest time with "something funny." I ended up making something for the category.

So.... secret partner.... it should be in your hands soon.

Nearly There

I've filled every category but the "something funny."  I'm still having trouble with this--not that I don't have a sense of humor!--my original idea I've decided was not actually funny, more like whimsical...

Six down, One to go!

So, to escape the smell of campfire at my house, I took a break and drove out to the Ocean Front today. While I was out, I got my something local and spoilers choice. . . . . now just one more category and my package will be complete!

How is everyone else doing? We have about two more weeks of shopping before shipping boxes! I can't wait to see the reveals. . . what we've gotten to see so far has been awesome. . . . And Clara. . . . I go up to Columbia for work often, I may have to come steal your lovely green yarn!

ps - If you are wondering why my city smells like a campfire, you can read about it here. The fires are sufficiently far away from my house (~30 miles) but the wind shifted so we have had lots of smoke and the smell yesterday and today!

Only two items left.....

I had a MAJOR Swap shopping breakthrough last night. I got all but the yarn goodness wrapped up and ready to send. My swap spoilee should be quite happy with the fact that I went shopping without any one to slow me down......

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thank you, Cate!

Cate outdid herself and sent out just a wonderful and amazing package! Thank you so much again!

You can see photos and read about it here.

Thanks for a great swap - can't wait to see how my pal likes her package when I finish getting it all together!

Good Gravy

I'm in LOVE!!!

Look what the mail-person brought me today -
Posh Yarn's Eva 4-ply, in Grassy.
Pardon me while I swoon!

And the winner is. . . . .

With the help of random number generator (I can't believe there were 31 entries!), lucky entrant #12 is the winner.(click the image to see it better if you want to confirm!)

By my count, with #1 being the first entry, that makes #12 SALLY! Congrats, Sally. I will likely be able to pop the skein in the mail tomorrow!

I hope everyone is doing well gathering your packages. Make sure you're contacting your pal and posting to your blog weekly! Any issues, make sure to contact me! Happy Hunting!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Look what I got!

In the mail today, I got my "green" gift. It was a note card from my Swap Pal letting me know that she entered me into a raffle for a blanket (supposedly the tickets were green :) ). The blogs that were hosting the raffle are:,, and It doesn't look as though I've won, alas! But it was great to get a card in the mail (who doesn't love mail?), and a great reminder that I need to get my Valentine's cards out into the mail!

She was clever not to put her return address on the envelope, but not quite clever enough to keep the postal system from stamping the postmark. I'm tempted to go through the list of swappers and find which ones might have sent it...

But I won't. I like surprises.

Meanwhile, I bought my something green and something local this past weekend for my partner! I'm getting on the ball, finally!

Boy is the planning fun....

I don't know if everyone else is having as much fun planning and getting their items as I am. Who knew that there were so many ways to satisfy all the categories......

I am wondering, those of you that have already sent your packages....did you wrap the items? How did you identify to your swap partner which of the categories the items belong to?

What I would make

When someone here mentioned White Lies Designs, I clicked over there and found this. If money were no object, I'd knit it out of qiviut. I might change the sleeves, though. I tend to get floppy sleeves caught in things.

I try not to read many blogs because I'd get sucked in and never leave my computer. I do read Yarn Harlot's blog on a regular basis, though.


I can think of a lot of knitting skills I could improve, but one I'd like to improve most is the ability to concentrate on complex lace patterns. I love the simple look of The Labyrinth Shawl, but 450 different rows. Wow!

I'm new at collecting blogs but 3 I've enjoyed since I've started reading them are Knitten'Mom, Fearless Fibers, and MimKnits Blog.

Jennifer's Contest Entry

#1 - If my knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would I knit?
This pattern is called Women's Irish Pullover . I found this link here if anyone's interested:

I love the detailing on this sweater, and I can only dream of one day being skilled enough to complete this project. I haven't learned to cable yet, and I would love to make a cabled sweater in a soft yarn that is a rich jewel tone color.

#2 - Favorite blog? I don't have a favorite just yet, but I love checking out new blogs! I like all the interesting names that people come up with. I like to follow the trail of links that go referring from one blog to another, to another... there's always something new out there.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Contest Reminder!

Just a reminder that you have until the end day Monday to enter the contest for the Malabrigo! The details on entering are here.

Also, don't forget to let me know if you have any issues or if you need any help!


Got the package ready. I'll put it in the mail in the next few days. It's going to

You didn't think I'd really say, did you?

Hopefully she'll post here when she receives it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

0307 0020 0001 9943 3058

This may be the tracking number for your package! Check it out at the post office website, follow its progress and see if it arrives at your door on Monday or Tuesday. It has been so much fun finding solutions to the categories. I was sorry to complete the task.

Friday, February 8, 2008

All this talk about blogs has me wondering...

Which do you prefer, Google Reader, Bloglines or something else? I've been using Google Reader for a while, but I'm wondering what else is out there.

Michelle's Contest Entry

All the money, and all the skill? I want to knit Autumn Glory
I have the pattern.. but the stranded colorwork... eludes me... maybe someday my skill set will be inclusive enough for this beauty!

Favorite blog... well.. that's hard... I have a huge bloglines list... but I never ever miss checking Chan's blog

Thursday, February 7, 2008

If Money, Time, and Skill Were No Object...

Cross-posted on winemakerssister and Scavenger Hunt blogs.

A current contest on the Scavenger Hunt swap blog asks the following questions:

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit?

I'm going to add unlimited time to the mix.... why not ask for it all?

I think I'd make Annie Modesitt's cardigan from Vogue Magazine Fall 2005. It's quite amazing. Perfect for a star-of-the-party sweater... occasions when you want something fabulous. It's made with Lorna's Laces, which is fabulous yarn, but I'd maybe prefer it in cashmere or some sort of silk/cashmere/alpaca blend. Soft and yummy, but in really gorgeous colors.

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I don't really have a favorite blog -- I like to visit lots and find new ones. Orangette is a fabulous blog about food. Polka Dot Creations is mostly about polymer clay (but lots of other things as well). I love her post on how she develops her colorways. And I like the Purl Bee very much.

Heather P.

Contest Entry

If time, money and skill were no object, I would probably knit absolutely everything from White Lies Designs and probably a few of Alice Starmore's designs with the suggested yarn. I've knit Starmores before, so I know that they're not impossible, but I have always had to substitute the yarns. In particular, I love most of the sweaters in Tudor Roses... Sorry, I really couldn't pick just one.

As far as blog reading goes, I will admit to having many, many blogs in my bloglines, but one of my favourites these days is probably familiar to many of you - Shut Up I'm Counting. Cass posts at least once most days and gives us a real slice of her life complete with pitfalls and pratfalls.

Contest answers

1) Hmmm... it's not the skill fears for me either, but the time needs. So if there were no constraints on my time... I would make a long, swingy cardigan in a silk, or cashmere, or silk and cashmere blend yarn.
I haven't seen a pattern that quite works for what is in my mind's eye. Something with the body shaping of a White Lies Design, but long to the knees, and *no* hood.
Maybe I could extend the Collette... and with beaded Tilli Thomas around the lace edges! Yeah!

2)I have 190 feeds in my bloglines right now... I'm supposed to pick a favorite?!
Well... how about I pick someone different... RoadBlogAhead. An amazing blog about three women's lives in the Himalayan mountians of India working with the Tibetan community and the local poor, and not, of India. You have to read the entry about trying to bake a western style chocolate cake in a clay oven with spotty electricity and an overly curious cat.

Contest Entry - It's a tie!

No, not a necktie, silly. If money and skills were no object, it's a real toss-up between the Noni Medallion Travel Bag and the Garden cardigan from RYC Classic Garden Book II. I wish I had a picture of the cardigan. I love patterns with combinations of stitches, and this one has cables, bobbles, leaves, hearts, moss stitch. I'd actually take anything from that book. Hm...something by Kristin Nicholas would be up there in the top five "If I could..." list, too. So these two things sum up all the things I like most in my Knitting Life: felted bags, Rowan/Jaeger yarns and patterns, and, while not reflected here, if the cardigan were eight different wild colors it might be a Kristin Nicholas design! Yes, I splurged and bought her latest book. It's divine.

Right, then, question #2: What's my favorite blog? I refuse to pick just one.

As Erin the Business Geek:
  • Manager-Tools, which is really a podcast site/blog. These guys have been a source of inspiration and sanity and, really, a saving grace more often than not in my work as an IT Manager, both when I was managing people and now that I'm managing processes and numbers. If you are professional and want some wisdom and a good laugh, check these guys out. They are a little like the Car Talk guys for business. In fact, I think I have the RSS feed posted to my own blog. Ha!
  • Me, myself, and BI. BI=Business Intelligence, and I'll be the first one to start the oxymoron jokes. This is what Wikipedia has to say about BI: BI systems provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, most often using data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or a data mart and occasionally working from operational data. Software elements support reporting, interactive "slice-and-dice" pivot-table analyses, visualization, and statistical data mining. Applications tackle sales, production, financial, and many other sources of business data for purposes that include, notably, business performance management. [Wikipedia page.] I'm the poor sap that not only puts these kinds of reports together, queries the data warehouses, but helps develop strategies to implement those processes in a department. I love doing this.
As Erin the Knitter:
  • Before Eunny went over to Interweave Knits, I went to her blog regularly. She has some beautiful patterns, and she's always funny.
  • knitspot is another frequent destination. I purchased Ann's Honey Bee Stole pattern in the hopes that someday I'll have the skills and patience to do lace.
  • Let's not forget about Stephanie the YarnHarlot! Inspirational, funny, real, it just doesn't get much better, and I concur with her Feb 6 headline: Not enough coffee in the world. That's how I felt yesterday, too.
  • As Erin the Silversmithing student, I hang out at Ganoksin, The Artful Home, and another Interweave 'zine, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist...oh wait, those aren't blogs. Never mind!
  • When I'm not doing all that, I visit my Mom's blog, Okay...So..., and my little brother's blog about his kids, They allow us to have children.

You now know more about me that you need to or probably should. I didn't even add all the photography stuff...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Contest Entry This Is My Answer

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)
Lets see here. I guess I may not be that original or I have something in common with some of our other swappers here. Technical skills. Well, I am willing to try and learn anything. I think any of us can learn anything if your open and can practice. Money is all ways an issue. To buy all the Kureyon at one time would be an arm and a leg. So, this is still doable you can buy a Little at a time. I Love the I also think a Log cabin blanket in Kureyon would be pretty cool. I also love Colinette Yarn Shimmer 5m, Point 5, Jitterbug, Mohair. If money were no issue I would just buy a truck load and knit everything in Colinette for my little cutie!

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related) I really like the I am also enjoying my spoilers blog. Let's just say for now it is a secret.

Contest entry!

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

Definitely the Lizard Ridge in Noro Kureyon. I've started it, but Noro isn't cheap, so I've joined the Kureyon Club and knit 'em as I gets 'em ;-)

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I've been reading Bitchypoo forever, so I guess she's my favorite overall. Like everyone else, I adore the Yarn Harlot, and love Cookie (Shut Up & Knit!), Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Crazy Aunt Purl, to name a few!

Jess' Contest Entry

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

This silk shrug
Sahara with Tilli Thomas yarn - pretty sparkles
this Fish Blankie with Wollmeise or Koigu
and I'm looking for a pattern for a shrug or cute cardi made with Misti Alpaca... anyone got any great ideas?

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I'm a big fan of the Yarn Harlot, the Panopticon, my friend Knittymuggins. I also really enjoy Pig in the Kitchen for dairy free meal ideas. She's so funny and her recipes rock my little girl's world.

Gotta Love a Contest!

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

Hmm.... I'm not sure I can pick one. But right now it would be one of these two:

Corsica by Fiber Fiend

I would want to do it with Cascade Pastaza in the Light Rose, Turquoise or Summer Sky Heather color way. I'd be knitting the ribbing at the bottom longer for full tummy coverage. :)

corsica_collage.jpg picture by amaruk72


Cherie Amour by Ashley Adams Moncrief

I would like to do this with either Knit Picks Cadena in the Coal color way or with Seta Lana in the Blossom or Amaranth color way.

cherieamourBEAUTY.jpg picture by amaruk72

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I don't have a steady favorite, but two (see, I can't seem to commit to one choice! LOL!) that I enjoy a lot are:

Making it Home with Mrs. Catherine


Because I Said So

Even though this is my contest entry, I figured I'd throw in an update, too. I am mostly still in the planning stages of my package, but I'm making my entry for Spoiler's Choice or Something Hard. It will fit either category, so where it ends up depends on what else inspires me. :) I'm having fun reading all the blog entries here and on people's personal blogs. I'm a bit behind on my own weekly blogging, but I had my baby girl on January 20th. Lots of knitting going on, just haven't blogged it yet. I plan on posting an update today.

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My Contest entry

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)
I thihnk it'ed swatch. That's it nothing special just swatch. I rarely do so because I always feel so rushed. I bore to easily so I scramble to finish something before I lose interest. It's sad, I wish I had a bigger attention span. If you want a project example I charted out a hogwarts crest afgan for my father and got about 2 inches in before I got bored.

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)
I like Crazy Aunt Purl and the Yarn Harlot. On the personal side there is and as they are both r/l knitting freinds I have made in the past 2 years.

Contest Entry For Heather R.

1) Ah - so much to knit, so little time. If I could pick one pattern to knit with absolutely no constraints on time & cost, I'd knit these. They are so cool looking, but with all of the cabling, I think they might take a while. Not sure what type of fiber, but something silky & soft - like the recommended Regia Silk. I think I have the skill - it's the time factor I'm concerned with.

2) Favorite blogs? Besides, I love reading Tiennie Knits. She is amazing - a mother of four who's able to knit incredible things with lightning speed. I'm always inspired when I read her blog.

Ahh - Now - back to thinking about items for each category. I'm stumped!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Enter me! Pick me!

I think its more money being the option... I'm more than willing to sit here and keep trying til I get a new technique down. I'd love to be able to make something out of cashmere. And other soft luxurious yarns. Or with a small gauge, like a delicate silk. My hands cramp up with my size 8 needles, so I can't imagine what's going to happen when I want to knit on something smaller.

And two of my favorite blogs have to be Jen's blog here and Superhero Designs. Their views on life and thoughts on the world are just inspiring. And I can't wait to buy one of the Superhero Necklaces.

Carly's Contest Entry

OK, for my 'wish to knit', the skill lacking isn't really my knitting. I agree with Sally a bit that there isn't a lot TECHNICALLY I am scared of doing (exception is steeking!). In this case, the skill is the ability to edit patterns. I adore Pohjan neito, which happens to be designed by my upstream SP11 Tuulia. The problem is the pattern is only written to one size, which is much too large for me. Maybe some day I'll gain enough confidence to attempt to modify it to me. In the meantime, it makes me happy to think just how cute it would look with a red tank under it and my faded jeans and my cowboy boots. What? Don't laugh, I love my cowboy boots and I think it works perfectly well with a traditional Scandinavian sweater :)

As far as the blogs I'm always eager to pop to when I see they have a new post, I'd have to say Claudia, Carrie and Becca are my favorites of the 'lesser knows'!

Amy's Contest Entry

Oooo ... a chance at free swag. I can never pass that up!

1. If skill and money were no object : The Purl Buck Swing Jacket from the Best of Interweave Knits, and I would knit it all in Tilli Thomas 'Aspen'. I'm totally in love with this pattern and this yarn!

2. Favorite Blog : Post Secret. I'm totally addicted.


Pardon for the late entry, still in Australia - little internet access.

1. Skill and money no object - a 100% cashmere Totman Jacket, adult size.

2. Favorite blog: Brooklyn Tweed. He makes me want to be a better knitter. 'Nuff said.

See you!

Sally's Contest Entry

Cross posted at Sally Comes Unraveled and Kntters Scavenger Hunt Swap.

The Knitters Scavenger Hunt is having a contest (swap participants only, sorry.) All I have to do is answer 2 questions. But they aren't easy questions to answer.

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

This is a hard one. I know this sounds conceited (or maybe delusional), but in my mind I have no limitations related to my knitting skills. There are just new skills I haven't learned yet. I don't think I have this type of confidence in any other area of my life, which is one of the reasons why I love knitting so much.

So that leaves limitations of resources and time. It's hard to pick one pattern. The closest I can get is Morrigan, which I will knit eventually. Buying $300 worth of Rowan Calmer will be difficult, and I'm still trying other candidates.

Rather than a specific pattern, most of my seemingly unattainable project ideas are centered around specific yarns. I wish I could afford an entire sweater out of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb, or entire sweater out of my own handspun. (The handspun is the part where my skills fail me.)

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I'm not going to pick an all time favorite, but I will say at the moment I'm most interested in Yarn Pirate's blog, because she's due to go into labor at any moment. Also, I love seeing all her baby knits.

Contest Entry.

Well, maybe I'm strange, but I like this wedding gown pattern: ravelry link (at least the picture looks good). I'd do it in midnight blue, though and use it as an evening gown. But can you imagine how long that would take! Lace! Mohair! So much blocking! ACK!

As for my favorite blogs... hmm...

I like the Blue Blog, and The Boogeyman's Wife. In the non-knitting arena, I like Escaping to My Happy Place because she's one of my most newly found friends.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Me, Next, Monty!

Contest Entry--It has been fun to read the entries so far and find new and interesting blogs to explore. Great idea!

It is impossible for me to narrow down all the wonderful knitting I aspire to to just one pattern. I can imagine, for instance, Latvian Mittens like these
Lace Shawls like these
and complex Aran Sweaters. The limit is more my skills rather than having the funds for these projects, although I do tell myself not to "waste" the money on the yarn unless I am reasonably sure I can tackle a project successfully.

Another factor: if I were thinner, I would also knit Tubey in lots of cool colorful stripes of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and black.

My favorite non-knitting website is for knitting, I always enjoy reading Tricotine. She is very inspiring and interesting to read.

BTW, I love Malabrigo!!! :)


1. I'd do an enormous Ripple afghan in Jade Sapphire 6 ply cashmere, all the colors. The Ripple is super easy, but looks wonderful in luxe yarn in as many colors as possible.

2. Purl Bee

Contest!! Me too!

1) Probably not so much a matter of skill, more of attention span, but I would love to knit a big cabled afghan...out of cashmere. Mmmmm...cozy...

2) Blogs...I love a good knitting blog and I've also been soaking up podcasts, but lately I find myself really looking forward to Sundays for new PostSecret


Oh boy, a contest!

1. I would make the Tilted Jacket by Norah Gaughan in the Winter 2004 issue of Interweave Knits using dark charcoal Cormo from Elsa Wool Company. It is not an expensive yarn but is just so beautiful I would love to make this jacket with it.

2. I read the Pet Connection blog pretty much every day. Informed writing about important issues.

If money were no object

I would knit an Entraloc afagan for for my sister-in-law out of cashmere.

Blogs I like, besides Yarn Harlot,

(I still can't make that linky thingy work! =)

P.S. This is a cool post about God holding it all together

DOuble post!

Sorry, double post.


Let me in on this one baby!

1) If time, skill and money were no object, I would want to knit Little Majolica by Kristin Nicholas. I got this Interweave issue for this pattern and I am just not there yet. I would use the specified yarn -I LURVE Nashua Handknits yarn. If you have a Ravelry account, look this pattern up, it is gorgeous in black and white too!

2) And my favorite blog.... The Panopticon. A close second is my MIL's blog about living with MS and having a service dog. I like my own blog too, but I don't wax too poetic very often, LOL!

Happy hunting and crafting everyone!

Contest - I want to play too....

If money was not an object....I would make Sahara with Tilli Thomas yarns, Pure and Simple in Ruby Wine and Rock Star in the same color. I made this sweater before with other yarns because I couldn't justify the cost of the Tilli Thomas........

Some of my favorite places to lurk are here, here, here, and here.

What about you?

Contest? who said contest??

Ooo, if money and skill were no object...
1) I would want to use Tilli Tomas's Disco lights yarns, and her Pure and Simple, and knit the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern on Stitch Diva

2) Of course my favorite blog is the Scavenger Hunt blog!! I was going to say Kathryn Ivy's blog, too, but if we're discovering new blogs, I'll say my next current fav is the Anticraft blog. And Mochimochiland blog. And Knituition on blogger. And my blog. and my secret scavenger hunt swapper pal's blog (but I'm not going to say who that is!)

Contest! Whoo I love contests!!

Hey, she said contest! Let's all play! Yay! Ok wow I am way too excited about that... here we go.

1.) If money and knitting skills were no issue, what would I knit... I would have to go with the one thing I really want to make but am kind of scared to do, a sweater. The pattern would be Rogue, and the reason knitting skills would have to not matter is... well, that's a lot of stockinette stitch and I don't think I could handle it, but I LOVE that. I'd probably make it in something wonderfully soft, like a cashmere blend, as money is no issue! :)

2.) And number two, to satisfy dear Carly's obsession with stealing other people's favorite blogs... (Just kidding!) I'll say my favorite blog is... Katheryn Ivy. Those two turn out so many nice things, it's really an inspiration. I also love Crafty Andy but I thought I'd give a different answer than I did before. :)

Can't wait to see what you guys say!

Projects and blogs

  1. Skill, money and time: It'd be a toss-up between Tipsy in cashmere and Lizard Ridge in Noro silk garden. They are both just fantastic!
  2. Blogs I like: Again, it is a toss-up: this one is always good for a laugh; this is great for a challenge; and I spend a great deal of time reading and shopping here.

ps: I, too, am looking forward to seeing what others are going to list - great contest idea!

Did Someone Say Contest?

Ok, as promised, a contest! The winner will be randomly drawn from all entrants and the prize is one skein of Malabrigo in colorway 'Red Java' (sorry, no picture, I'm on the wrong computer).

So what is the contest? It has two questions.

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

Post your answer to the group blog here and be sure to tag it 'contest' so that I can easily find all the entrants when I go to get a winner.

You have one week to post your entries. I'll draw the winner on 2/12.

(And yes, #2 is totally selfish, but I love finding new blogs to read!)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Half the fun is blogging!

This is my first scavenger hunt swap, and I'm lovin it!  There is so much enthusiasm here, it's quite motivating!  I'll admit, when I went to my local yarn store I had a mild case of 'gifter's block'.  But the more blogs I read, the more inspired I've become.  I also had a few bloggers mention Etsy, which I hadn't heard of before this swap.  I also hadn't heard of Ravelry before, talk about green behind the ears!  I did have something green, which my 4 year old got into and claimed for himself.  LOL.  I will be hiding my treasures more diligently now, like where I keep the Christmas presents.  BTW, I got my invite to join Ravelry this weekend - whoo hoo!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Spoiler's Choice

is something from Canada! Now, if it would just get here, my scavenging would be done. I made my final purchases tonight, something hard and something green. I'm bursting to tell what I've gotten but my pal would guess and the surprise would be spoiled. Instead, I will just share a picture of my Whippet, Moose, and his niece, the Evil Foster Whippet, Peach.

Yet More Envy

Yarn that I'd ordered for my pal arrived today in the mail...and once again, I'm in looove...we live on the top floors of an old brownstone in Brooklyn, and I had to leave the package all the way down the many flights of stairs in the front hall, where it would be safe from my extreme ogling and cuddling. I bet I end up getting some of this yarn for myself too. How bad am I?

The other question I've posed myself is, why am I shopping online for yarn when NYC has so many lovely LYSes, even in my neck of the woods? My only answer to that is that I just love to get packages in the mail!!!

Something local.....and yummy!

So I have my something local, which is also quite yummy! It could work as something round, too, but no, I will not do that! I have this gorgeous yarn that I think will work for my swappee, but it's going to have to be in the "my choice" category, cause I don't want to give up any of the others!