Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something Hard!! (funny, too!)

Wow! yesterday when I got home there was another box from Amazon books, but this one contained my Something Hard from Debbie!! It was a copy of Stitch & Bitch Crochet, and the cover says that "even knitters" can learn from it! I had to laugh, because my crochet is pretty bad. Debbie's note says she found the book to be very helpful, and that's good, because I'm hopeless! hapless? helpless?? Thank you Debbie!!

Thanks Teresa!

Hey guys, I got my package from Teresa!!! Just wanted to let you know to check my blog, I posted on this post telling about it. No hard feelings Teresa, I know sometimes things come up! :) Thank you! I love everything!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank you, Debbie!!

...for my WON-derful package!! These aren't the most fabulous pics, but I am quite enamoured of my Scavenger Hunt gifts!!

First, I got Something Green: a HUGE hank of Cascade Eco-yarn in a yummy fuschia

Somthing Round: one of those clever Clover thread cutters that can go thru customs

Something Local: Scrumptious looking chocolates, including "Icewine" filled Dark Chocolate candy bar....I'm saving that for Sunday, with coffee!

Something "T": A devilishly cute Hello Kitty tote bag!! Perfect for carrying a knitting project around!

Spoiler's Choice: A Wild & Crazy ornament of Animal, from the Muppets, playing drums!! He looks a LOT like me, when I played combo drums in high school!!

and my absolute FAV?? See the little cotton knit fabric bags in black, white & red?? They are eco-ganic cotton, with LITTLE PANTIES printed on them!! OMG!! Love, love, love these!! I know, I know, what a twisted woman, but I can't help it!

Thank you Debbie, SO much, and thank you Carly for organizing everything!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Happy Scavenger.... Or Is It Scavengee?

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Ok, my Scavenger Hunt swap spoiler -- show yourself!

I received a wonderful box filled with goodies from Norfolk VA today... but with no name attached. Everything is clever and fun and well thought out. I love it all!

Here's what I received:

Something round - 2 skeins of Manos color 106 (Autumn). My spoiler said they jumped into her basket. I can understand that -- they knew they were meant to come to my home and make me very, very happy...

Something with a "T" - a big, lovely lightweight tote, perfect for holding a larger knitting WIP, eh?

Something green - needle felting claw and mat cleaner. You're right spoiler, one can't have too many felting tools!

Something hard - "Mag Knit," a fun clasp that turns beads or I-cord into a necklace. Should be fun to play with!

Something local - a lovely light shawl pin made by a local artist and knitter.

Something funny - a wonderful, whimsical, giggle-inducing little felt pin entitled "Garden" from Keri Rounding's Etsy shop.

Spoiler's choice - The book, "Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair." Ok, I'm a professional drunk (who's constantly covered in cat hair), so it's perfect for me! Sounds like a very fun read.

Thanks so much my nameless spoiler.... it was very much worth waiting a few extra days!

I'm Ready For My Closeups

A couple people asked me for closeups of items I got in my package. Now that I'm finally home and things are settled down, I had a minute to take pictures.

Here's a closer picture of the little bag. It's holding my Branching Out scarf right now. It's the size of a pencil bag so it's perfect for something small and lacy like that. I love the little birds.. so sweet.

And for Lisa, a closeup of the wind chimes. It's very small, so I hung them on a key rack by our back door. Every time someone walks in the house, the chimes ting-a-ling. I was afraid the chimes just wouldn't hold up to our strong winds off Lake Superior so this is the perfect spot.

Michelle's Package, the photo version

Ok, finally, a chance to blog and upload photos too!
Here's the big pic of everything that the lovely Christine sent me... I"m so so excited to get working on some projects from my book!

Here's what she included... by category:

Something Green - Olive green Andean Silk yarn from Knit picks, so so soft!

Something T - A super awesome small project 'tote' perfect for socks, and I just LOVE the pattern

Something Hard - Some beautiful stitch markers

Something Funny - A cool little Alien guy that my kids keep trying to steal!

Something Local - Maple syrup.. yum...

Something Round - An awesome yarn charm cutter, that has a nice clip to attach to a bag.

Three Spoilers Choices - 3 skeins of Meadow Multi Essential Superwash from Knit picks (LOVE the colors.. socks will be on the needles today)
An adorable fairy journal and note cards with a cool sparkly girly pen, and the creme de la creme... 'Favorite Socks'... yay! I've been eyeing that book for a while!

Additionally Christine included some portable flavored instant coffees, a few bags of tea, and a cannister of gourmet cocoa! YUM!!!!

Christine, thank you so very much.. the wait was so worth it!

I have much better pics that will be posted at my blog this morning!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red Faced but Grinnning

I can't decide if I'm more embarrassed or excited. I finally sat down to leaf through the Mingus sock pattern that Lesley sent only to discover... the Marilinda Sock pattern too!!!
Lesley... wowwowwowee!!! Thank you so much! I'm so sorry I didn't catch it at first... and it's so cool!

But now the problem... which do I do first? Oh the dilemma!

Lovely, lovely yarn!

With all the Heathers in the swap, the chances of having a Heather as a partner were high. My spoiler was Heather Fo. She sent me a box of goodies pictured above. Heather didn't include a note or labels on the gifts, so here's my interpretation:

Something Funny -- Grumpy Old Men & Grumpier Old Men DVD

Something Round -- a glass mug with a really cute knitted cozy (from Interweave Knits Holiday issue, according to her blog). I assume it's round because the top certainly is.

Something T -- white tea from Zhena's Gypsy Tea in the Sense of Peace flavor. It's got Egyptian Mint and Sweet Roses. Sounds like the perfect tea to enjoy in the mug.

Something Local -- a big fat skein of gray alpaca yarn from Lambspun of Colorado, located in Heather's city

Something Green -- beautiful pale green skein of cashmere and wool, again from Lambspun of Colorado

Something Chocolate (Spoiler's Choice) -- Ghirardelli hot chocolate, another good candidate for the mug

Something Hard -- Bellagio white chocolate cocoa mix. I say it's hard because it was hard for me not to rip this open and drink it last night.

Heather, please correct me on the categories if I am wrong. Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh My Gosh ... WoW!

Christine, thank you soooo much for my lovely package. It arrived today, but unfortunately I haven't had time to get to the computer until now, nevermind take photos... it's soooo lovely! I absolutely adore the yarn and the book.. it's perfect! My favorite item is my little Alien, and you have no idea how special it is to me because my Cocoa Swap pal didn't actually send me a knitted buddy! :-(

I will be taking photos later tonight or tomorrow (spring break started today and I have a house full of kids still, and my mother in law is here... so.. when things get quiet again tomorrow I"ll get back here with photos and a proper thank you!)


Wow! Thank you Kathleen!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Package sent

I sent my package to my parnter last week. I have not heard anything from her nor has she posted to her blog. I am hoping she received it as other packages I mailed that day have arrived at their destinations.

Teresa, could you please let me know if it arrived?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Not just one box...but TWO!

I just zipped home this afternoon for a short bit (I forgot my wallet and have to go to the grocery store after I pick up the kids from school), and found not just one box, but TWO boxes on my doorstep. I think one is for this swap and the other is from the Winter Doldrums Swap.

I don't have time right now to do anything but this quick post but I will check back in later once I can open the boxes.....Sharon in PA and Kathleen in VA - the package is here!!!!! Thank you!

Package in VA!

Hi Folks - Posting on Behalf of Karen O who got her package from AnneMarie a bit back, but had troubles figuring out how to post pictures! You can check out her loot here!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

From Ohio to Ontario!

I came home from a great field trip at the Butterfly conservatory to find my package waiting!  I thought it was really neat that the little notes Krystal left for me had butterflies on them;  I couldn't have picked a better day to open my package!  Thanks Krystal!
Here is a photo to entice you, the rest is on my blog, in two parts (because I like to take lots of photos).  Part 1, and Part 2.
Thanks Carly, for a great swap!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yay! Thanks to everyone for being responsive, as of right now, I have heard from everyone who has a partner waiting on a package that the are en route. This means everyone should be seeing a box soon. There are 13 folks waiting, and 2 boxes received but not recorded on the group blog. I'll be in touch again if there are outstanding packages still not received this time next week.

Once the boxes are all received, well, we're wrapped up! Because I'm a little crazy, I'm going to send you all a little questionnaire for feedback so I can make the next round even better! I plan to open signups at the end of April for the next one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My turn!

My package arrived this past Friday! And what a treat it was! Thank you so much to Lesley for such a great box o' goodies!!!

Something hard was a Clover thread cutter pendant. Sweet!
Something T was a sheep tape measure. Check out that wild fringe tail!
Something round was Cookie A's Mingus sock pattern. Because you knit socks in the round... get it?! get it?!
Something local was Nova Scotia Blueberry Jelly. Majorly yum!
Something green was sock yarn she dyed in Lime and Grape Koolaid! yay for purple and green! Too Kool!
Something her choice was a very useful project bag to clip on a belt or strap that she made herself!
Something funny was rubber chicken stitch markers... Wait. Did she say "rubber chicken stitch markers...?"

Yes I did!!!

Lesley, I thoroughly enjoyed this box and I thank you so very, very much!

My box arrived!

Photo evidence at right :)

My spoiler had warned me that my box might be a little late, but no worries :) It arrived yesterday and with hockey championships (mites) and other family stuff, I simply didn't get to open it. That's okay, tho, because today is MY BIRTHDAY! so it was fun to wait and open it today.

I got a LOVELY parcel from Heather of She's in Alaska, which is pretty exciting (particularly to this gal in Phoenix who misses 4 seasons).

In my box:

Something local - Rabbit Ridge Designs Handdyed Yarn from Anchorage (that's the skein right in front of the book)
Something T - tub time stuff - bath gels, bath fizzies, tub tea, a FANTASTIC rubber ducky-sheep soap!
Something green - a leaf pattern bath mitt from Knit 1 Crochet 2 in a cute little bag and complete with soap (i'm choosing not to think that Heather has received word that I stink - all this bathing stuff :D )
Something funny - the Stitchy McYarnPants book, which is, as you might guess, HYSTERICAL!
Something hard - stitch markers with hockey goalies! My boys were covetous. Maybe this will motivate them to learn to knit ;)
Something round - Knitterella gift tags. I've lusted after these, so they were a great surprise.
Spoiler's Choice - a sock pattern (Ariel Socks from The Knitter)and 2 skeins of Soxx Appeal yarn. That's a GREAT name for yarn. The pattern looks interesting and I'm excited to give them a try.

Thanks so much, Heather!

Lows and Highs

Cross posted on my blog here.
If you looked down on the ground today, you might have found me sprawled on the sidewalk or under my car in the sitter’s driveway… I was kind of afraid that the under the car thing was going to result in an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” moment. Aren’t I too young for that? Enough of the ice and snow already. Unfortunately there is more of it in the forecast tomorrow and again on Friday. So those were a couple of lows today.
Fortunately, our stop at the mailbox was more of a high point to the day. We have one of those lovely Canada Post Superboxes so that the postal workers don’t have to put too much of an effort into delivering our rural mail. (I’ll tell you the moving the mailbox multiple times story sometime when I’m really peeved at our local post mistress.) Having managed to get myself out from under the car once, I wasn’t risking a second time, so Older Son very kindly retrieved the mail. Isn’t it nice when the kids are useful? Just junk mail in the regular mailbox, but there was a key to a package compartment…
I was waiting on two packages – one being something from (Not So) Cynical Knitting Gal’s contest (I had received confirmation from the United States Postal Service that it had been posted) and the other being my Scavenger Hunt Package. Which one would it be? It was my Scavenger Hunt Package from Penny!
And then there was another low… The realization that the camera has gone away with Mr. Me to Halifax for a couple of days and then a couple of days in St. John’s. Ack! I can’t take pictures until he gets home. I (very) briefly considering letting Penny know that it had arrived and explaining about the photos, but I decided that I’d just open it and try to describe everything. So here goes:
The box was a 12 by 8 ¾ by 9 ¾ Smurfit-MBI recycled corrugated box – hey – she’d already hit the green category! (As a side note, I mention the brand of the box because it always makes me think of the Smurfs…) Upon opening the box I found a layer of sparkly red tissue paper covering all of the packages. The packages were wrapped in tissue – green, red, plaid, floral and one item was in a lime green bag… I just kept on taking them out of the box. There were 15 in total! I opened them in the order that they were described / identified in the accompanying letter…

First - “Green” was 3 balls of a lovely green shade of On-line “Tessa”, wrapped in green tissue paper and a green floral lei. It was purchased at Woseley Wardrobe, who even have their own Ravelry group! Very nice…
Second - “Hard” was a very sweet sheet mug with a hard vacuum packed bag of Irish Cream coffee.
Third – “Local” #1 and “local” #2. How great is that? Local #1 is a box of Morden’s Toasted Marshmallows. I’ll try to keep the kids out of them until I can snap a picture. They look and smell luscious… Local #2 is a skein of local 100% wool hand dyed sock weight yarn. It is heathered in shades of aqua blue, mauve and pink. Penny very wisely warned me that it is NOT superwash… (She must have read about some of my unfortunate felting episodes.)
Fourth – “Spoiler’s Choice”. Spoiler’s choice included 6 separate packages. There is a very sweet and lovely amigurumi book (those things just keep hollering at me) and 5 little packages with assorted yarns from Penny’s stash to make ‘gurumis. Now I think that that was a lovely thing to do in so many ways – it has given me a great colour selection and it would have also been suitable for the green category – and recycling is always a good thing. Love it!!! And there were 3 bags of sour candies to munch while I create ‘gurumis.
Fifth – “Round”. Round was a “Round Tuit”. What is this? It is a very pretty round box that is labelled “tuit”, with the explanation inside of how this should make my life easier since you’re always hearing people say they’ll do something when they get a “round tuit”. (Inside the “tuit” there is a round notebook and pen. The pen is from Penny doing decoy mail, but I’m going to have to ask her to explain that since I don’t know what it is.)
Sixth – “T is for Tiny”. Tiny as in tiny knitting needles, beads and crochet cotton with which I can make an amulet bag. The beads are a very pretty blue and the crochet cotton is a sort of cerise-y pink. Pretty!
And finally, “FUN-ny”. What knitter wouldn’t want a set of knitting word magnets? Very fun and very funny. My kids are going to LOVE these on the fridge!
At the very end there was a package that had a note on it to open it last. Inside there were patterns for a scarf to go with the green yarn (Ribbons Scarf from Yarn Yenta) and for the Bead Knitted Amulet Bag from S. Debra Santaniello.
Thanks again Penny for such a great package!

Checking my own math

OK, an update to my previous announcement. I had missed a few items blogged, so we stand at

29 packages received and posted to the group blog
3 package received, waiting for group blog post
10 packages known to be coming late or currently on the way

leaving 5 packages unaccounted for. I emailed the 10 folks just now to confirm that you are, indeed, waiting on a package. If you didn't get my email, it means you have either received a package or you know from your partner (or me) that your package is coming late.

If you didn't get my email and you aren't expecting your package to have been late, email me ASAP!

Let's all be good swappers so we can wrap up this week :)

(Edited @ 1:40 to update package counts. . . . down to 5 in limbo!)

Received swap package ....

I received a wonderful swap package in yesterdays mail from Leta!!

Something round: A wonderful ball of Merino yarn...beautiful colorway!
Something funny: A great travel mug with quirky avatars!
Something local: A notepad and a postcard from Iowa!
Spoilers choice: Two boxes of tea, to use with my something funny!!
Something hard: A cute round tin with a candle inside!
Something related to the letter "T": A tea towel that she embroidered a llama on, it is very cute and nicely done!
Something green: Small green post it notes to use with my knitting.

What is wrong with this picture......?

It was an extra something green, it took me a minute to figure it out but once I unzipped it, it was quite obvious that it was a "green" shopping bag. Then I saw the label....LOL

Here is a close up of the handy work.....

Thank you so much Carly for hosting such a fun swap. And thank you Leta for such a fun package!!

(I should have included this earlier.....From the back of the post card;

Brandon, Iowa, home of the state's largest frying pan, is just one mile west of US Interstate 380 off exit 49, roughly half way between Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo. the frying pan measures 14.3 feet tall by 9.3 feet wide and weighs 1,020 pounds. It was created in honor of Brandon's cowboy breakfasts, held twice a year in May and September. The open-fire breakfasts typically serve 1,500 people, courtesy of 80 local volunteers.

PS.. My package is waiting pick up by the postal person this morning. Going Priority.

I'm wearing my moderatror hat. . . .

Good Morning Swappers!

So, here is a status of where we are. 26 packages have been received and blogged. I know of 0 packages received and not yet blogged. 6 packages I was contacted about being late or were posted as 'mailed' on the blog here but are not yet received. That leaves 15 packages that are unaccounted for. YIPES!

So, if you have received your package and not yet blogged it, please get it posted soon. I also know that sometimes customs is LONG for packages sent ground vs priority to or from Canada. I will wait until the end of this week before I start badgering you individually if your partner does not have a package. If you haven't mailed yet, you can avoid my pestering by mailing ASAP by priority mail. Don't forget, USPS has flat rate boxes and, if you buy postage online, your delivery confirmation is free!


Such a baddd baddd girl!!! My sender out herself! (you can see the details on my blog.) I am so enjoying my book and my little goodies. TSK TSK TSK.......

Fiber Bloopers (and More)

A Million thank yous!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I got my package from the Knitters Scavenger Hunt

Cross posted at Knitters Scavenger Hunt and Sally Comes Unraveled.

I got my package for the Knitters Scavenger Hunt on Friday. Actually, it may have been sitting in the office of my apartment complex for a couple of days before I picked it up. Normally I get a little note in my mailbox letting me know when I have a package, but I didn't get it this time. It's a good thing I checked.

My package was from Jessica.

Here is how the categories broke down, starting in the upper left corner and moving clockwise:

Something green - Beaded Stitch Markers. These had a nifty tag, but no name. I wonder who made them.
Something related to the letter 'T' - T-Pins for blocking. These are helpful, because I never seem to have enough T-Pins.
Something hard (stop giggling)- Sock blocker key chain.
Something round - Plymouth Happy Feet sock yarn in color 6. It's soft and machine washable.
Bonus - The nifty little bucket that my sock yarn came in. I had to take the yarn out of the bucket so I could photograph it.
"Spoiler's choice" - Handmade Joy Lotion Bars. I've seen bar lotion before, but I've never used it. Do you just rub it all over your body? Also, I'd like to know who made them. These is will come in handy, because my skin gets pretty dry this time of year.
Bonus - Temporary Tattoos.
Something funny - Part One - Nuts about Squirrels pattern for knitted felted squirrels, by Debbie Radtke.
Something funny - Part Two (in the center) - Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in Ash (left) and Stone (right) for knitting the squirrels.
Something local - Birch and Black Walnut Knitting Needles from "A Yarn Good Idea" in Eau Claire, WI. These are US Size 8. I'd like to know more about the origin of these needles. Jessica said they were "sort of" local.

Many thanks, Jessica. If you want a closer look, go here and see the picture on Flickr. Also, you can see what I got my partner here.

I also wanted to include links for Zen String and the main Entrelac store where I got some of the gifts for my swap partner. I always like to promote local crafters.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank you, Angela!!

(cross-posted on my blog)

(click picture to see it bigger, with notes)

I received my Scavenger Hunt Swap package and Angela TOTALLY spoiled me!

Let's see if I can remember the categories:

Something Local - wonderful yarn from Fearless Fibers

Something Green - 2 skeins of Sugar n Creme

Something Hard - a lovely journal

Something with the letter “T” - Two boxes of Chamomile Tea

Something Round - stitch markers & a cd (I haven't listed to it yet)

Something Funny - a cute sign that says "You say I'm a witch like it's a bad thing" from here. (I love it!)

Spoiler's Choice - marked "Something Wiccan This Way Comes," the prequel to The Mists of Avalon, Lady of Avalon.

I am so impressed with the thought Angela must have put into these things, since they are so "me." Thank you SO much, Angela!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Before I have to Run....

I just wanted to say I got my package today. Thanks Jess! I love it. I'm in a hurry, but I will post pics and the whole shebang later.

Package arrives in Oregon

My package came all the way from Sally of Texas. Thank you very much!!!

Something Local - sock yarn from Zen String dyed in Austin, Texas
Something Green - Cascade Luna Puruvian Cotton
Something Hard - Strawberry Margarita hard candies
Something with the letter "T" - Stash Premium green tea sampler
Something Round - stitchmarkers hand made by Ana from "Entrelac"
Something Funny - a "Bug Out Bob" toy which the 5 year old has claimed
Something for a Knitty lover - ChiaoGoo straight needles in size 8 and some Blue Moon Beads with a knitting theme

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Did anyone else get a rock star in their package? I didn't think so!

So, my 31 minutes of cardio was the longest EVER (yes, 31, don't ask. .. 13 minutes on the stair stepper, 18 minutes on a bike). I got home and, immediately started to open my package from Katie! IT ROCKS!

Here is everything in one shot (the straws were not in the package, just on my counter):

The first thing I opened was Fergie the Frog. I thought that was something green, but then I opened his note and there were all sorts of jokes. My favorite "Q: On what planet would a space frog live? A: Plutoad" he he! But he wasn't funny either. . .. he was my something round! I've never seen these notion cases before but they are freakin adorable and fergie will have a nice home in my knitting bag!

My something green: Two skeins of KnitPicks Essential that I believe I will be pairing with some leftover fawn to make some solid socks with contrasting toes & heels! Nice!

Then, my favorite item, something funny: A Knitted Henry Rollins! I LOVE THIS! I had to stop opening and run up in the garage workshop to show Jake. He CRACKED up. Seriously, the doll even has his tattoos! Totally fun and awesome!!

Something local: A CD by Joel Plaskett Emergency, who is from Nova Scotia (she said all the Maritime provinces are 'local'). It's in my CD player right now and I really like it! The song on right now reminds me a bit of Bruce Springsteen. (Henry took all possible photo ops. . . those darn celebrities!)

Something 'T': Treats! Chicken bones - cinnamon candy filled with bittersweet chocolate, and multi-fruit flavored Twizzlers.

Something Hard: A 100% recycled (yay!) notebook with a lovely quote about kisses and a wonky, bendy pencil.

Spoilers Choice was 'Squishy Squashy Miscellaneous': 4 balls of Sean Sheep wool. The pictures don't show the color very well, but it's a nice autumnal mix.

I think it may become a Sophie bag.

I totally adore this package, and I think mine must be the best of everyone's because I got a rock star! Seriously, top that! :)


Totally Awesome - Thanks Tia!

I opened my box from Tia this morning and found so many amazing goodies!

Something Funny : Garbage Pail Kids cards and a little pouch made from zippers.

Something Related To "T" : As in, "Take time for myself!" A handmade washcloth, two foam bath mixes, and a chocolate bar!

Something Local : Mittens from Minnesota!!! These are amazingly super warm and soft! These were made by workers at the Winona Occupational Rehab Center - a workshop for people with disabilities.

Something Hard : Jack Daniels liquor! I love this - fantastic. With all the chaos of moving and buying our first house, I'm gonna need it!

Something Round : Two skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn. I've been wanting to try this!

Something Green : A little hippo case for notions. This will come in handy for my sewing!

Pal's Choice : Something Useful! A pad of sticky note tags and a mini first aid kit!!!

Thank you so much, Tia! And thank you kids for helping pick things out. I love it all!

It's here! It's here!

But I'm not opening it yet! Why, you ask? Well, I have been a total slacker and haven't gone to the gym in weeks. I was actually expecting some yarn I ordered in the mail today, so I told myself 'no playing with new yarn until after the workout'. Well, that order didn't come today, but a much bigger package from CANADA did come today! I did open it to read the letter and my spoiler is Katie! But as all the individual packages are tissue wrapped, I am resisting the urge to open them until later (~6pm once Jake comes home from work and we get to and from the gym!) I'm so excited!! I'll post the full monty tonite!

Tammy... you are the best!

I came home the other day to find a box from Tammy sitting on my porch. What was inside, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Something Local: Buckeyes! OMG YUM!

Something "T" Related: A lovely hand knit by Tammy tote

Something Hard: Size 9 Brittany dpns

Something Green: Yarn! Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, and Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca

Something Funny: A knit Kodama. Funny and cute!

Something Round: A dishcloth knit by Tammy

Spoilers Choice: "Mark My Words for Readers Bookmark & Sticker Kit", 1 skein of Catania color and 1 skein Catania by Schachenmayr Nomotta, and a hank of wool? There is no label so I'm not too sure what it is. Did you dye it yourself Tammy? It's very nice.

And now for the picture of all the goodies!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Package Received!

The logo on the side of the box caught Amelia's eye! She can't read yet, but she recognized Disney!

Cetta really outdid herself. The haul included:

Something local: A super-cute little knitting pin made from toothpicks.

Something round: A nice-smelling candle (I'm picky about scent, but I love this).

Green: Yay! Green Chunky Alpaca from Blue Sky Alpaca! Great! I have never had anything from BSA, and green is my favorite color. Ace!

Letter T: What else? Tea! From Adagio, one of my favorites. I have tried this flavor before, Valentine, which tastes like strawberries and chocolate (!) and I love it. ++++

Funny: A cutie patootie little lamb keychain that baaaaas when you squeeze him. Purple peeps that Amelia stole. You can see her lurking over them; I only just had time to take a photo.

Something hard: Everything Knitting book! If anyone has seen my library on Ravelry, you can see I am addicted to knitting books, and I didn't have this one. Thanks for enabling me! hee!

Spoiler's choice was several kinds of chocolate! Even a chocolate shoe! Amelia was jealous about this one and had a good giggle over it. I have already sampled one of the dark chocolate with raspberry filling squares--yum!

Cetta, you did a marvelous job tuning into me somehow and finding excellent choices for those categories!

This has been one of the best swaps ever! I look forward to Scavenger Swap #2!


Hey guys, I finally was able to send off my package! Sorry it's maybe a little late, but that's the soonest I could do it!

Thank You Maria

Maria sent this great package all the way from Japan. After missing the mailman the first day, driving to the post office the second and driving all around my neighborhood stalking/trying to find the mailman I finally got a chance to open it. It was well worth the stalking!

T is for Travel and Tote-bag - a Australia tote bag perfect for socks.
Hard - wind chimes - the girls absolutely loved these. I think Maria meant Hard as in made of wood from the Phillipines, but I think Hard of Hearing may fit them better. I finally had to hang them up to get them away from the girls and save my hearing! :)
Round - 3 skeins of wonderfully soft fluffy Puppy yarn. 80% alpaca/20% wool. These will be socks just for me!
Local - a Starbucks coffee mug. I had to laugh at this one. It is beautiful and says Kyoto on it, so it must be local!
Green - "Bamboo forests are a sea of green" bamboo dpn will definitely get used.
Funny- a selection of post cards and cards and a princess sticker. I thought they were great.
Spoilers Choice - a great little blue & brown bag perfect for notions and needles. I love love love the colors.

Addie really liked the pretty coffee cup. Sorry kiddo, 3 year olds do not drink coffee.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's in!

I just got back from dropping my package off at the post office. I know it's late, but I sent it priority mail, so hopefully it will get there by Friday. (Saturday at the very latest.) I meant to get it in during lunch so it would go out before the end of the day, but I ran out of time.

But it's coming, I promise!

Such a good day!

Its been a doubly good day in my world. I got spoiled and I got a job. A girl can't ask for anything more!

Thanks to Leah, who lives just over the bridge from me, who sent me a fabulous package. I'm totally coming to visit and have a cup of coffee with you - I've been searching for local coffee since the friends I had in Vegas closed their roastery.

I love everything....

Local - Fresh roasted coffee for a place in her neighborhood
T - a fabulous tote that will be perfect for getting my heels to my new job or my knitting around
Green - great stitch markers in both green and blue green (did you make these yourself?)
Round - a great note/sketch pad
Funny - the cutest worm crawling out of an apple - which made me laugh out loud when I opened it.
Hard - new knitting needles
Spoilers choice - two skeins of cashmere silk blend in my favorite color - I can't wait to figure out what to make with it, and a skein of noro in complementing colors
And an extra gift of yummy smelling soap and cream and some Italian lozenges

And an update... The coffee is fabulous. I'm making a trip across the river to buy some as soon as this runs out. Its been so long since I had such a good cup of joe. And now back to my cup... :)

Thank you, Carly!

Isn't this pretty! Carly had written me to say I would have an Etsy package coming to me after I received my Scavenger Hunt package. It came yesterday afternoon and is a beautiful coffee cup with an aster painted on it. Carly explained that the birth month flower for my birth month was not one of her favorite flowers, so she had September's aster painted on the cup because September is the month I joined Ravelry! I also collect coffee mugs. I love the shape and size of this mug. I've enjoyed 2 cups of coffee with this mug so far. I would have taken a picture of the mug with coffee, except I drank it up before I could do so. Thank you for the beautiful mug, Carly!

16 Down, 31 To Go!

Yay for packages rolling in! I can't wait to get mine. . . .I've been so good about not peeking at who is spoiling me (which is hard, since I log all the packages received in the spreadsheet!). I have heard from some of you about a few packages that may be late. If you are going to be late and haven't contacted me yet, please do so ASAP. Otherwise, I will expect that everyone's packages will be received this week.

Unfortunately, it appears that I will need at least one angel, as one participant has gone radio silent. If you told me you would be willing to be an angel, I will be in touch with you later this week.

It arrived! It arrived!!

I got my pack from Michelle! Whoopie!
Come visit my blog for all of the juicy details of how seriously spoiled I am!

Kitchener to Connecticut! Thank you Jenn!

Thank you JENN!  What a great package!  As you can see she wrapped and labeled all of my goodies. 
Something round -Yellow flowered stitch markers - so pretty!
Something hard - Hot Cocoa Mug stitch markers - very cute!
Something related to "T" - Candle Tin - vanilla -  smells great!
Something funny - Cute wooden mouse - for grandkids and cat to chase!

Something green - Caron Simply Soft - very soft!
Spoilers choice - purple Cascade yarn - awesome color!
Something local - Helping hand soap /lavender - smells wonderful!
                                Dishcloth with moose design hand knitted by Jenn from Bernat yarn
Thank you Jenn for a wonderful package!  I love all of my goodies!  You really did your homework on me - everything is perfect!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thanks, Heather (F)

My package was waiting for me when I got home from work. You did a really great job finding items I would like.
1. The Local (at least it's from Utah) Fat Virgin Soap - smells delightful
2. The Round Freedom Spirit Yarn - in colors I love.
3. The Green Araucania Yarn - in my favorite color.
4. The T Tara Yarn - perfect for a little something for a baby.
5. The Funny At Knit's End - of course, I enjoy The Harlot.
6. The Hard Sudoku Puzzles - just don't ask me to attempt them until after Tax Season is over.
7. The Spoiler's Choice Candy - how could you go wrong with chocolate? And notebook - always handy for someone absent minded.

Thank you so much, Heather and Carly. You made my experience very enjoyable.

Pull out the Snow-Shoes - I'm Lovin' Alaska!

Do you happen to remember this? It was a wonderful Posh Yarn surprise from my pal, Diane. Category = Green

Well, there was more from Diane today! Just look at what she's sent to my all the way from North Pole, Alaska (how cool would it be to have that address? Okay, I'm so wimpy that I'd be crying my eyes out after 2 days; but in theory...)

Alaskan Tea (blueberry and raspberry) = Something beginning with "T"
North Pole coffee = Something Local
Sock-size dpns = Part II of Something Hard (we aren't usually friends)
Great Sock yarn = Spoiler's Choice (so there temptress sock-knitting teacher!)
Difficult Sock pattern = Something Hard
Fun post-it notes = Something Fun
and candy! = Just because it's the right thing to do : )
Diane, I can't thank you enough!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Something funny

Yeah!!! I am pretty happy right now. I found the something funny from an Etsy site. Thankfully its only in Vancouver, WA so it doesn't have that far to get to me. It just has to cross the border since I am in the Portland, Oregon area. Then I can mail out the package this week.

On its Way!

If you look slightly south-west of Toronto, you will see Kitchener, Ontario. This is where your package is coming from, if you are my secret pal!

I'm not telling you the exact day of when it went out, or you might go and check your blog/email for my comments and figure out if it was me.

I had a lot of fun putting this together!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorry, my package is the best!

My swap package from Carly came today. It's the best so far, at least for me. I had such a good time opening it. Categories are as follows:

Something local: Julia scarf pattern from a designer in Virginia Beach. It's wonderful and I'm going to use some of my handspun alpaca to make a scarf using the pattern.

Something hard: A yummy E. Wedel Polish chocolate and hazelnut bar. I'm trying to rush through this to grab a bite. I bet it doesn't last the weekend, much less the day.

Something round: A pendant yarn cutter (which I've really been wanting).

Something green: This is very special. I remember admiring this when Carly posted a picture earlier on the blog. It's a lavender shopping bag she crocheted. Husband and I are both thrilled.

Something T: Scrabble tile stitch markers that spell Swap. I love these!

Something funny: A cup with the front of the sheep on one side, the hind part of the sheep on the other. She found it at RiteAid, which is also hilarious.

Spoiler choice: Light teal Alpaca silk. I have plans already to use it to make a hat a friend of my designed for this fiber. I also have some alpaca lace in the same color to match the hat.

Carly also included treats for the dogs, cats, and seeds for the vegetable and flower gardens in our yard, and a cute amigurumi-like animal note pad.

I feel very lucky that I had the swap hostess herself to surprise me. I loved my package, Carly. Thank you!

More details on my blog

Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use

I got my final item from Christy last Saturday!! It was her "Spoiler's Choice" Category, named in the title of this post. Unfortunately, I had a stomach bug that day and could barely move from the bed. In fact, I felt so awful, I didn't even open the package, knowing it was there, until Sunday! Now THAT is sick. Then it went thru the rest of the household, so I've been busy.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use....

In Christy's words: "Just some cheerful wood knitting needles which also could be used to stake a vampire if needed."

Thanks, Christy! I love them!!

Blogged with Flock

Thank you Karrie!

Yesterday after a craptastic day which began with an argument with my boss, I slept most of the day due to a migraine. Before picking the little one up from daycare, I ask my big one to get the mail. She came in, the mail wet from having been dropped in the snow, bearing a big box. I knew immediately what it was! I couldn't wait to open it! With the big one hovering over me, I opened my box.


It was so pretty I *almost* didn't want to ruin the pretty packages! But... it had to be opened sometime! Each item was labeled with a hand-stamped ticket.


I took photos of each one, a little too hastily though, and they didn't turn out very good. Here's the summary, however:

Something Local: a tie-dyed project bag
Something Hard: handmade stitch markers and yarn needles
Something Related to the Letter "T": Black Chai tea (YUM!)
Something Funny: easter egg bubbles
Something Round: a round tape measure (I am FOREVER losing these!!)
Something Green: a tote to keep it in
Something Smooshy: Two skeins of yarn, Tahiki Imports mercanized cotton, and Ironstone Chunky yarn - in pretty blues and purples
Extra: Gifts for the girls Tweety Bird Pen for Sophie and a wittle cloth book for Rosie that she kept forcing Sophie to read to her last night, LOL!
All was topped off with a bendy flower.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this swap. I am about to wrap up and send off my own package on Monday. Thanks again Karrie!


My wonderful, delightful, sweet and funny swap pal, Lisa, sent me what I can in total honesty tell you is the best swap package I've ever received. This package is so gigantically chock-a-block with thoughtful gifts that it took two pictures to capture them all:

Will you look at that!!! Here's the breakdown:

Something local: Persephone Bag pattern (designed by a Texan) along with enough yarn to make it!!! Four skeins of lush and gorgeous Rowan big wool in a beautiful butterscotchy-orangey color that I love.

Something round: lovely freshwater pearl stitch markers.

Something Green: 2 skeins of Rowan Cotton Glace in fresh, springy green, "The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time" (which I have wanted to own and look forward to reading with my daughter),  and divine-smelling Green Tea soap.

4. Something "T": "Thank Ewe" thank you cards.  

5. Something Funny: I laughed out loud at this one--a pattern for "Bob Marley's Grandma's Footies"--and Lisa's comment that sent me over the edge was "How could anyone possibly know if his grandma would have ever made this pattern?" Lisa, you are a riot.  She also sent along four skeins (yes, four skeins!!!) total of Cotton Glace to make these--the green, and a plum color.  Wow.  Cotton Glace is my all-time fave yarn.

6. Something hard: Kenya Coffee Beans (for the coffee fanatic that I am!)

7. Spoiler's Choice--Texas Theme: "Quotable Texas Women" book, fabulous black bean and corn salsa and black-eyed pea dip, and a Texas key ring.  I love the Texas theme, because I have a special connection to Texas through my husband, so this was perfect for me.

WAIT--it's not over yet--she sent extras for me: Ghirardelli squares, the dark collection (daughter Ella and I love 'em), Citrus soak for my hand-knits, a gorgeous, delicate lavender sachet, and a white tea soap.

KEEP READING--and, last but not least, Lisa included treats for my Ella--a rubber duckie in a bunny suit (we collect funny rubber duckies, Lisa), an egg-shaped bath fizzie, and a decorated egg-shaped lolly.  Ella was so happy to be included!

The best part of this whole experience was meeting Lisa.  It's funny, but after awhile the Anonymous comments stopped coming on my blog, and this wonderful lady started visiting me--but I never guessed that she was my secret pal!!! It has been so great getting to know you, Lisa.  Thank you for such a thoughtful and incredibly generous package.  Might I say one more time, BEST PACKAGE EVER!