Monday, May 26, 2008

Sweet angel!

My parcel arrived today from a wonderful angel who goes by the name of Lisa. You went way above and beyond, thank you so much!!

Details here

I'm one happy knitter!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Angel Package Update

Label/Receipt Number: CP74 0941 187US
Into Foreign Customs
-->Status: Into Foreign Customs. Your item is being processed by customs in CANADA.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hi Everyone - I have not dropped off the planet, life has been busy and I have unfortunately locked myself out of my hostess email address by forgetting the password (yes, that is my state of mind these days!). Penny, Just saw your post and you and one other person are waiting for packages. Both are going to Canada, and if not sent Priority Mail, I'm not sure how long is reasonable to assume Customs takes. I have not put up anything about round #2 because I have been waiting for these two to arrive. One was an angel package for Leslie, the other is your package from your original partner who re-posted after the first one did not turn up. I know the angel package was posted ~2 weeks ago, I will get in touch with the other sender tomorrow (since she also volunteered to Angel, I am not thinking it is a flaker!). Since my school has wrapped up and I have 2 weeks before I have to travel again for work, I do hope to get this all closed out soon. Apologies for the delay on the last two packages :(


Am I the only one who is still waiting for a package? I saw that my partner stated she was sending me out a package on her post just after this one way back April 16. I put two comments in to the post and have yet to hear from her or our host mom who I have also written to. Guess I should just forget about ever getting anything. I feel I sent a lovely package out to my partner and I am very sorry the package sent to me got lost in the mail and needed to be resent but since I haven't gotten the resend or an email from my partner I feel very left out and sad.
AND to top this off I am now moving and will have a new address which I also put in as a comment on the post before this to make sure my swap partner received it. I don't have her email to send it to her directly. She needs to email me and get a new address if she is really going to send me a package.