Sunday, May 18, 2008


Am I the only one who is still waiting for a package? I saw that my partner stated she was sending me out a package on her post just after this one way back April 16. I put two comments in to the post and have yet to hear from her or our host mom who I have also written to. Guess I should just forget about ever getting anything. I feel I sent a lovely package out to my partner and I am very sorry the package sent to me got lost in the mail and needed to be resent but since I haven't gotten the resend or an email from my partner I feel very left out and sad.
AND to top this off I am now moving and will have a new address which I also put in as a comment on the post before this to make sure my swap partner received it. I don't have her email to send it to her directly. She needs to email me and get a new address if she is really going to send me a package.

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