Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks Amey!!

I am so sorry I haven't posted thanks sooner to the bestest Amey as I had tried before I left for vacation and I thought it took, but I later found out it didn't...then the van breaking down on the way home...then coming home to find my box further away from me in the house than I could get to. But today I climbed over the obstacles and got the box! The yarn is super are the treats! The paper made out of elephant poop...well, I am not sure I want to use it, I tried to get one of the girls to open it up, but they both gagged...LOL! I didn't have that size dpn and the treats are yummy, the girls enjoyed theirs. Here are some pics of where I had to climb to get the box (dh tried to surprise me by refinishing the dining room floor and moving all of the dining room into the sitting area!!) The PriorityMail Box is the one that the goodies came in. And the last pic is the goodies in my sunny (thank goodness!!) front yard!

Penny, I am your partner, I have another box ready to send to you and I hope that you get it soon and that you even get the first box. (If you want a sneak peak at what I sent let me know...if I will give you an ETA of when the new box will reach the border) Three messed up mail pieces in one month...grrr! Okay off to the PO and Penny I will email you soon!!!

Thanks Carly for hosting this!!


Penny said...

I am so sorry for your hassles with the package but I sure hope no matter what the postal clerk told you that you put tracking on it. I never heard of a package not being tracked passed the border. HMMM maybe this person liked what you wrote on the declaration and took it home. Someone who shouldn't have it now has. BUT of the three parcels missing one did arrive. It was the last one sent and I did put that on my blog. I tend to track parcels myself by plugging the number in both the Canadian and the US postal tracking service. Can't see what is in it but can follow it which can be fun.

Penny said...

Just wondering if you have mailed your package out yet as of June 1 I will have a new address. I am having the mail forwarded to the new address but wouldn't want another lost package.