Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friendly Hostess Update

Hello Again! It's your hostess just letting you know we are up to 31 swappers. I'm glad so many people are excited about this swap. I really hope it is fun for all! If we reach the sign up cap before sign ups close, I will probably get matches out earlier so you'll have more time to get to know your spoilee! I won't move up the shipping date, though, so don't worry!

As far as my introduction, I'm Carly. I also live in Virginia (there are a lot of us!!). I work as a project manager but also just started going back to school to study interior design. (in fact, I'm procrastinating from doing my first week of homework even as I write!). My blog, appropriately, is Knitting and Sewing and all forms of Procrastination! I'm on Ravelry as kasiaiscarly.

If anyone has comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. This is my first time hostessing, so I will do my best!

In addition to introducing yourself here on the blog, if anyone has an Etsy site, or their own website for selling handmade items, please feel free to let us know here. I'll create a sidebar of participants offerings. If you want to offer a discount to participants, that's great, let us know in your post, but it is not required :)

Finally, everyone should have gotten an email response from me saying 'I've got you'. If you did NOT receive anything, PLEASE check your spam filter. If nothing is in spam, please email me to let me know. I'd like to work out any email snafu's now rather than later when I'm distributing matches so that match ups go smoothly.

Now, back to introductions!!

PS - One more thing. Angela made the two buttons on the sidebar. If we have any other creative types who'd like to make one, please email it to me at the hostess email address and I'll add it to the sidebar.

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