Thursday, January 24, 2008

To those of you spoiling someone with a WordPress blog

Just in case it's not intuitive, you CAN leave anonymous comments, even though it asks for name & email. They don't have to be real, you can make up a name and address. For example, I commented on their blogs as 'Hostess' with an email of '' when I was blog checking. So, don't despair if it looks like you couldn't comment without revealing yourself! Hope everyone is enjoying starting to get to know their partner!

I plan on putting a contest up on the blog in a week or so. The prize will be a very yummy skein of yarn :) If anyone has suggestions for creative contests they've done before (or just an idea) please email me. I haven't settled on what the contest will be yet, so I'm open to new ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I was one of those WP bloggers LOL.. It worked great. TY Carly