Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I thought of something T!

Now I've got to customize it to my partner!

Tell me about your "real-life" scavenger hunts! The first I remember was when I was in about the 7th grade. My friend's mom made us a list of stuff to scavenge, such as a 1965 penny, as we went trick-or-treating, because we were getting too old to ask for candy but still didn't want to give it up. A few years later we were freshmen in college and sorority pledges. We had to scavenge things such as a Perkins menu and various stuff from the fraternities on our campus. We accomplished all this. Did you guys? Just wondering...


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

I did something like that at a Middle School Halloween party.

Leah said...

My memory of a scavenger hunt comes from a children's book--one of the "Amy and Laura" books by Marilyn Sachs--I read that as a child over and over, wishing I could be in a scavenger hunt too. It sounded so fun. I wasn't ever in one in real life--alas--

YarnOverHeels said...

Our scavenger hunt we did at my Bachelorette Party! While we were out drinking and club hopping! The things were just embarrassing that I had to ask for. Somethings were not tangible..my list of some of the non vulgar things...Needless to say. I refused to complete the list. Some of my attendee's gladly did.. lol Here are a few things I did manage to get on my list myself.
1)I had to find a man to recite a poem

2) A condom ( this was a hard one to get lol.. believe it or not guys did not want to part with them unless they were going to get to use it lol) sicko's

3) A dance with a cute guy

4) I had to get a guy to give up a pair of underwear he was wearing. Which, I really didn't want. I was scared. You know some men don't wipe well.. lol

Jane Doe Jenn said...

OH! I wouldn't have done the last one... you are so brave.

I've had so much fun doing scavenger hunts in real life. We did them as kids, and had a blast doing them in high school with the youth group. The best one was a car rally one in separate teams. We were given a list and a time limit, but weren't told how many points each item was worth. They ranged from small things like a carrot, to large things like a black velvet painting - which my team managed to get. We were to go to homes in the community and ask for these items (no strangers, though) which not everyone wanted to part with. I thought for sure we would win, with the giant velvet painting of Elvis. But no! The most points were awarded to the team who were able to collect an actual person while on the hunt to bring back with them. But we came in a very close second, and it was loads of fun!

YarnOverHeels said...

Well, it took just about all night to find someone drunk enough to do it. He said he would do anyting to help a woman in need. lol.. He said I love bachlorette parties.. I was like ooookay. I was like just drop em in the bag lol..