Friday, January 25, 2008


The temptation to keep what I've gotten for my pal is so hard to resist!

Thus far I've these categories checked off my list:
  • something local (this is going to be difficult o part with - is it bad to have a back-up just in case I can't give this thing away?)
  • something round (in a pinch this could be "something hard" - so far it is staying "round)
  • something green (really fun item - not something that is usually thought of or readily available, I'd say)
  • something that begins with the letter T (happy to say this is something I've made - sort of - and is an inventive use/loose interpretation of the of category)

And, yes I do have other things going on in my life! I just a reeeally good shopper : )

What are folks using as their individual category? Are we permitted to talk about this or is it top secret?


kasiaiscarly said...

Folks can feel free to talk about spoilers choice if they want :) I know someone is using 'Something Smooshy' (lucky recipient, huh?!) from seeing it on a blog. I haven't decided on mine yet, I might use it for the yarn, since I think I've got an idea for all the others, so then I'll make the category about the yarn I choose!

Too Little Time said...

I'm a little questionable about this too. After I send off my box, than I'll have 1/2 doz ideas, but as of right now... zippo

Kathy R said...

How about "something Y" and apply it to a yarn your partner might like? Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

I am unsure at this point. I have been putting some thought in to it. I might save this item for last. You know save the best for last. I have a lot of reading to do on my spoilee's blog. I been reading all the blogs until we got our matches. Then I got busy. So, this weekend I will be reading through her blog to see if there are any clues or something I can pick out through any posted pictures that may help me.

Krystal said...

I'm thinking about doing something warm... I'll let you all guess what that might be! :)

Paula said...

I went for something smooshy because the thing I have for that category doesn't fit into any other open categories. ::snicker::

yarnmaniac said...

I'm going for "something handmade" but mainly because I found something perfect for this person that didn't fit another category.

YarnOverHeels said...

Something handmade is an awesome idea!