Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Matches are out!

And they're off. . . . .!

As of this posting, I sent everyone out their partner. If you do not have it in your email, make sure you check our spam/junk mail and if it is not there, please email me ASAP and I will try emailing you from a different account.

As I stated in your email, you have just over a week to contact your pal, either by anonymous comment on their blog or via anonymous email. If anyone has not heard from their pal by February 1st, please email me to let me know and we'll figure out if there is a special circumstance. Also, I know we're all excited, but please do give your pal this timeframe to contact you before getting worried! There are some folks on vacation and a few other circumstances that may delay responding.

I am being really particular with the rules here because it is so important to me that everyone have a good partner and we don't have any flakes. Right or wrong, the only thing I have to go by is if you're following the rules as an indicator of you're going to follow through with a package. I did have to remove a couple folks already. After this, it should be all fun moving ahead and putting together packages!

As always, any questions or concerns, please email me!


RedPanties said...

Oh, this is so exciting!! I feel like running around in circles!! hmmmm, what to do, what to do. I guess I must wait til I'm off work to really get started, rats!

Jinxsa said...

I accidently deleted the email sent to me, I emailed the swap email but alas still haven't seen it yet. Just thought I'ed add my oops sorry here as well