Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're Full!

Hi Everyone! We just hit our 50th participant, so sign ups are now closed! I'm going to continue blog checking, and I should have matches ready early so you can start getting to know your spoilee! Feel free to continue to introduce yourself and browse the participant blogs and look for additional announcements here and via email.

And, just one final reminder, everyone who is on the sidebar was sent an email from me at the hostess address. If you did not receive one, please check your spam filter and enter the email address in your address book. If there is nothing in your spam filter, PLEASE EMAIL ME so I can try contacting you from a different address to ensure you get your match.

Thanks for playing! I can't wait to get started and am glad everyone is so excited!


Robin said...

Would there be a chance we'd get our partners a little early.. pretty please... I am excited to get moving on it!

kasiaiscarly said...

I'll be working on it! The proverbial 'long pole in the tent' will be having everyone's questionnaire up, so get posting, folks!