Thursday, February 7, 2008

Contest answers

1) Hmmm... it's not the skill fears for me either, but the time needs. So if there were no constraints on my time... I would make a long, swingy cardigan in a silk, or cashmere, or silk and cashmere blend yarn.
I haven't seen a pattern that quite works for what is in my mind's eye. Something with the body shaping of a White Lies Design, but long to the knees, and *no* hood.
Maybe I could extend the Collette... and with beaded Tilli Thomas around the lace edges! Yeah!

2)I have 190 feeds in my bloglines right now... I'm supposed to pick a favorite?!
Well... how about I pick someone different... RoadBlogAhead. An amazing blog about three women's lives in the Himalayan mountians of India working with the Tibetan community and the local poor, and not, of India. You have to read the entry about trying to bake a western style chocolate cake in a clay oven with spotty electricity and an overly curious cat.

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Lisa said...

lovely vision.....sounds divine!