Monday, February 4, 2008

Me, Next, Monty!

Contest Entry--It has been fun to read the entries so far and find new and interesting blogs to explore. Great idea!

It is impossible for me to narrow down all the wonderful knitting I aspire to to just one pattern. I can imagine, for instance, Latvian Mittens like these
Lace Shawls like these
and complex Aran Sweaters. The limit is more my skills rather than having the funds for these projects, although I do tell myself not to "waste" the money on the yarn unless I am reasonably sure I can tackle a project successfully.

Another factor: if I were thinner, I would also knit Tubey in lots of cool colorful stripes of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and black.

My favorite non-knitting website is for knitting, I always enjoy reading Tricotine. She is very inspiring and interesting to read.

BTW, I love Malabrigo!!! :)

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