Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Six down, One to go!

So, to escape the smell of campfire at my house, I took a break and drove out to the Ocean Front today. While I was out, I got my something local and spoilers choice. . . . . now just one more category and my package will be complete!

How is everyone else doing? We have about two more weeks of shopping before shipping boxes! I can't wait to see the reveals. . . what we've gotten to see so far has been awesome. . . . And Clara. . . . I go up to Columbia for work often, I may have to come steal your lovely green yarn!

ps - If you are wondering why my city smells like a campfire, you can read about it here. The fires are sufficiently far away from my house (~30 miles) but the wind shifted so we have had lots of smoke and the smell yesterday and today!

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Lisa said...

Stay safe from the fires!