Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Contest entry!

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

Definitely the Lizard Ridge in Noro Kureyon. I've started it, but Noro isn't cheap, so I've joined the Kureyon Club and knit 'em as I gets 'em ;-)

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I've been reading Bitchypoo forever, so I guess she's my favorite overall. Like everyone else, I adore the Yarn Harlot, and love Cookie (Shut Up & Knit!), Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Crazy Aunt Purl, to name a few!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Several nods to Lizzard....I guess I need to see why it is so tempting....