Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Carly's Contest Entry

OK, for my 'wish to knit', the skill lacking isn't really my knitting. I agree with Sally a bit that there isn't a lot TECHNICALLY I am scared of doing (exception is steeking!). In this case, the skill is the ability to edit patterns. I adore Pohjan neito, which happens to be designed by my upstream SP11 Tuulia. The problem is the pattern is only written to one size, which is much too large for me. Maybe some day I'll gain enough confidence to attempt to modify it to me. In the meantime, it makes me happy to think just how cute it would look with a red tank under it and my faded jeans and my cowboy boots. What? Don't laugh, I love my cowboy boots and I think it works perfectly well with a traditional Scandinavian sweater :)

As far as the blogs I'm always eager to pop to when I see they have a new post, I'd have to say Claudia, Carrie and Becca are my favorites of the 'lesser knows'!

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Lisa said...

What a wonderful pattern....I will be lurking and contemplating that one myself....