Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gotta Love a Contest!

#1 - If your knitting skill and the money to purchase the necessary yarn were no issue, what one pattern would you knit? (link & photo if you have one, so we can all ogle!)

Hmm.... I'm not sure I can pick one. But right now it would be one of these two:

Corsica by Fiber Fiend

I would want to do it with Cascade Pastaza in the Light Rose, Turquoise or Summer Sky Heather color way. I'd be knitting the ribbing at the bottom longer for full tummy coverage. :)

corsica_collage.jpg picture by amaruk72


Cherie Amour by Ashley Adams Moncrief

I would like to do this with either Knit Picks Cadena in the Coal color way or with Seta Lana in the Blossom or Amaranth color way.

cherieamourBEAUTY.jpg picture by amaruk72

#2 - What is your favorite blog ?(doesn't need to be knitting related)

I don't have a steady favorite, but two (see, I can't seem to commit to one choice! LOL!) that I enjoy a lot are:

Making it Home with Mrs. Catherine


Because I Said So

Even though this is my contest entry, I figured I'd throw in an update, too. I am mostly still in the planning stages of my package, but I'm making my entry for Spoiler's Choice or Something Hard. It will fit either category, so where it ends up depends on what else inspires me. :) I'm having fun reading all the blog entries here and on people's personal blogs. I'm a bit behind on my own weekly blogging, but I had my baby girl on January 20th. Lots of knitting going on, just haven't blogged it yet. I plan on posting an update today.

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Jane Doe Jenn said...

Congratulations! That sweater (the second one) reminds me of beautiful middle ages attire a little bit. If skill were no option, I would definitely make one!

Lisa said...

Dee - I am in the middle stages of Cherie Amour and I am using Plymouth Yarn's Baby Alpaca Grande in color #2213. It is divine to work up.

yarnmaniac said...

Congrats on your baby girl!

Lisa said...

Silly me, I got so excited by the sweater that I forgot to congradulate you on the baby! I know that she will get a lot of knitting two did

kasiaiscarly said...

Congrats on the baby! Also, congrats on extending my queue :) I had to go add Corsica!

Arctic Knitter said...

OOOOOOH - I love the Corsica!! Man - these blogs are dangerous; how can I ever knit all of the great things I see online?

Congrats on your baby!