Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Contest Entry For Heather R.

1) Ah - so much to knit, so little time. If I could pick one pattern to knit with absolutely no constraints on time & cost, I'd knit these. They are so cool looking, but with all of the cabling, I think they might take a while. Not sure what type of fiber, but something silky & soft - like the recommended Regia Silk. I think I have the skill - it's the time factor I'm concerned with.

2) Favorite blogs? Besides, I love reading Tiennie Knits. She is amazing - a mother of four who's able to knit incredible things with lightning speed. I'm always inspired when I read her blog.

Ahh - Now - back to thinking about items for each category. I'm stumped!


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

I think the link is broken. I'm dying to see the pattern.

Lisa said...

I love those socks. I was tempted to make them shorter so teh Texas weather would allow me to wear them. Thanks for putting them back in my radar!