Friday, February 29, 2008

Goodies in Alaska!

Thank you Wendy!!! What a nice surprise waiting for me when I returned home from work today. Here's a run-down of the loot:

Something Hard: The book, "Arctic Lace" - Knitting projects and stories inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters. Hard indeed! I've only started to tackle a lace project & oy-vay! It'll be great fun to read the book & learn more about local knitters. Perhaps I'll work up my courage to try some Qiviut.

Something Round: A retractable measuring tape. Perfect - I think I need one in each project bag.

Something Local: A coffee mug depicting the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. - I *LOVE* coffee - this is perfect!!

Something related to the letter "T": Yummy Treats! All dark chocolate + coffee - a blend of my two favorite things: coffee & dark chocolate. In addition - coffee bean stitch markers - Bulls-eye, Wendy!!

Something Funny: One of those toys that when you turn it upside down it makes a mooing sound. I think the sound is supposed to be a sheep (sheep are in the picture). I know my kids will love this. :0)

Spoiler's Choice: Yarn Yuminess! Most excellent - I love sock yarn!

And the piece de la resistance? Something Green: A knitting pattern for a dissected frog! I about bust a gut when I saw that. It is absolutely perfect & so clever. I have just the right yarn to use. As an anatomy teacher this is so fantastic! I think I know what my biology teacher friends are going to receive for Christmas gifts next year. :0)

Wendy - you are fabulous! Many, many, many thanks!!


Martha G said...
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Martha G said...
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Martha G said...
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Martha G said...

The frog pattern is very, very clever! Wonderful package!

Martha G said...
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kasiaiscarly said...

I got that book for Christmas! It's really neat to read about the ladies in the co-op! The frog is totally awesome! How perfect!

yarnmaniac said...

I had so much fun finding that frog! I plugged in the word frog into Etsy and that's one of the things I got! So perfect for her!

Lisa said...

OMG - I almost sprayed coffee on the monitor. I love the frog! I may have to get that for my science teacher friends. The book sounds so wonderful. I may have to go on Amazon and learn more about it. The whole package sounds just divine!

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Unbelievable! An actual dissected frog! That's so cool! That takes the cake for most interesting 'something green' category! I'll definitely check it out, see if can make one for our science class in the spring! I had no idea there was such a thing like that out there!