Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank You Martha!

What a treat to hear that I had a priority package awaiting me at home as I drove home in Houston's traffic last night. Just look at this picture:

Martha sent a wonderful note that explained about where she lives and about the contents of the package. The entire box was wonderful to explore! My cats knew that there was food in it. They were laying on top of the box when I got home and didn't like it when I took it away from them. I know why, the coffee smelled delicious and I wasn't even able to see it when I first opened the package. I think that the fish wind chime and the Socks That Rock Yarn stand out as favorites, but the thoughtfulness that went into each and every item was so very evident.

The "T" stood for treats and Martha deserves an A+ for that. She sent me some chocolate goodies made right where she lives....they might get to be shared, but we'll see.

The Spoiler's Choice was the most special part for me. Martha took the time to steal around my Ravelry and sent me the most wonderful yarn to make the Clementine Shawlett. Now I have no excuse not to get it made for the Munchkin's graduation.

Thank you again Martha for such a wonderful package.


Miss Me said...

Great looking package! I'm feeling kind of envious of that Socks That Rock yarn... But then who knows what great surprises my own package will bring - I can't wait!!! Oh - the T in my package stood for "Treats", too... Hmmmm...

kasiaiscarly said...

That is awesome!

Martha said...

I'm so glad you liked the package, Lisa. You were so much fun to shop for!

This has been a fantastic swap. I definitely hope it happens again! And please keep the local category. It's so EASY for me!

Lisa said...

I agree with martha! The local category was one of my favorites too!