Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Checking my own math

OK, an update to my previous announcement. I had missed a few items blogged, so we stand at

29 packages received and posted to the group blog
3 package received, waiting for group blog post
10 packages known to be coming late or currently on the way

leaving 5 packages unaccounted for. I emailed the 10 folks just now to confirm that you are, indeed, waiting on a package. If you didn't get my email, it means you have either received a package or you know from your partner (or me) that your package is coming late.

If you didn't get my email and you aren't expecting your package to have been late, email me ASAP!

Let's all be good swappers so we can wrap up this week :)

(Edited @ 1:40 to update package counts. . . . down to 5 in limbo!)

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