Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You Maria

Maria sent this great package all the way from Japan. After missing the mailman the first day, driving to the post office the second and driving all around my neighborhood stalking/trying to find the mailman I finally got a chance to open it. It was well worth the stalking!

T is for Travel and Tote-bag - a Australia tote bag perfect for socks.
Hard - wind chimes - the girls absolutely loved these. I think Maria meant Hard as in made of wood from the Phillipines, but I think Hard of Hearing may fit them better. I finally had to hang them up to get them away from the girls and save my hearing! :)
Round - 3 skeins of wonderfully soft fluffy Puppy yarn. 80% alpaca/20% wool. These will be socks just for me!
Local - a Starbucks coffee mug. I had to laugh at this one. It is beautiful and says Kyoto on it, so it must be local!
Green - "Bamboo forests are a sea of green" bamboo dpn will definitely get used.
Funny- a selection of post cards and cards and a princess sticker. I thought they were great.
Spoilers Choice - a great little blue & brown bag perfect for notions and needles. I love love love the colors.

Addie really liked the pretty coffee cup. Sorry kiddo, 3 year olds do not drink coffee.


Lisa said...

No, coffee is not for three year olds.....can you imagine how over active she would be?

What a great looking package and from Japan too, how cool that must have been.

I love windchimes....can you show me more of what you new ones look like?

kasiaiscarly said...

i love that notions bag! how fun to be the recipient of a package with such international flair!

yarnmaniac said...

I am envious of the coffee mug! So cool!