Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Package Received!

The logo on the side of the box caught Amelia's eye! She can't read yet, but she recognized Disney!

Cetta really outdid herself. The haul included:

Something local: A super-cute little knitting pin made from toothpicks.

Something round: A nice-smelling candle (I'm picky about scent, but I love this).

Green: Yay! Green Chunky Alpaca from Blue Sky Alpaca! Great! I have never had anything from BSA, and green is my favorite color. Ace!

Letter T: What else? Tea! From Adagio, one of my favorites. I have tried this flavor before, Valentine, which tastes like strawberries and chocolate (!) and I love it. ++++

Funny: A cutie patootie little lamb keychain that baaaaas when you squeeze him. Purple peeps that Amelia stole. You can see her lurking over them; I only just had time to take a photo.

Something hard: Everything Knitting book! If anyone has seen my library on Ravelry, you can see I am addicted to knitting books, and I didn't have this one. Thanks for enabling me! hee!

Spoiler's choice was several kinds of chocolate! Even a chocolate shoe! Amelia was jealous about this one and had a good giggle over it. I have already sampled one of the dark chocolate with raspberry filling squares--yum!

Cetta, you did a marvelous job tuning into me somehow and finding excellent choices for those categories!

This has been one of the best swaps ever! I look forward to Scavenger Swap #2!


Leah said...

Wonderful package! And such a cutie!

Lisa said...

Okay, I'm with the little one, hands off the peeps.....then on to the chocolate!

The yarn looks yummy. All of you green lovers scored big on this one....

Looks like a great package all the way around!

yarnmaniac said...