Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank you Karrie!

Yesterday after a craptastic day which began with an argument with my boss, I slept most of the day due to a migraine. Before picking the little one up from daycare, I ask my big one to get the mail. She came in, the mail wet from having been dropped in the snow, bearing a big box. I knew immediately what it was! I couldn't wait to open it! With the big one hovering over me, I opened my box.


It was so pretty I *almost* didn't want to ruin the pretty packages! But... it had to be opened sometime! Each item was labeled with a hand-stamped ticket.


I took photos of each one, a little too hastily though, and they didn't turn out very good. Here's the summary, however:

Something Local: a tie-dyed project bag
Something Hard: handmade stitch markers and yarn needles
Something Related to the Letter "T": Black Chai tea (YUM!)
Something Funny: easter egg bubbles
Something Round: a round tape measure (I am FOREVER losing these!!)
Something Green: a tote to keep it in
Something Smooshy: Two skeins of yarn, Tahiki Imports mercanized cotton, and Ironstone Chunky yarn - in pretty blues and purples
Extra: Gifts for the girls Tweety Bird Pen for Sophie and a wittle cloth book for Rosie that she kept forcing Sophie to read to her last night, LOL!
All was topped off with a bendy flower.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this swap. I am about to wrap up and send off my own package on Monday. Thanks again Karrie!


kasiaiscarly said...

I really like the Thaki mercerized cotton! I used to to make a Dream Swatch for a friend and it was so nice to knit with!

Lisa said...

What a great idea with the green tote! I'm glad that the package made you day a lot better!

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Wow, all these wonderful packages I keep seeing! I can hardly wait to see the post when my swap pal receives hers!