Thursday, March 6, 2008

Did anyone else get a rock star in their package? I didn't think so!

So, my 31 minutes of cardio was the longest EVER (yes, 31, don't ask. .. 13 minutes on the stair stepper, 18 minutes on a bike). I got home and, immediately started to open my package from Katie! IT ROCKS!

Here is everything in one shot (the straws were not in the package, just on my counter):

The first thing I opened was Fergie the Frog. I thought that was something green, but then I opened his note and there were all sorts of jokes. My favorite "Q: On what planet would a space frog live? A: Plutoad" he he! But he wasn't funny either. . .. he was my something round! I've never seen these notion cases before but they are freakin adorable and fergie will have a nice home in my knitting bag!

My something green: Two skeins of KnitPicks Essential that I believe I will be pairing with some leftover fawn to make some solid socks with contrasting toes & heels! Nice!

Then, my favorite item, something funny: A Knitted Henry Rollins! I LOVE THIS! I had to stop opening and run up in the garage workshop to show Jake. He CRACKED up. Seriously, the doll even has his tattoos! Totally fun and awesome!!

Something local: A CD by Joel Plaskett Emergency, who is from Nova Scotia (she said all the Maritime provinces are 'local'). It's in my CD player right now and I really like it! The song on right now reminds me a bit of Bruce Springsteen. (Henry took all possible photo ops. . . those darn celebrities!)

Something 'T': Treats! Chicken bones - cinnamon candy filled with bittersweet chocolate, and multi-fruit flavored Twizzlers.

Something Hard: A 100% recycled (yay!) notebook with a lovely quote about kisses and a wonky, bendy pencil.

Spoilers Choice was 'Squishy Squashy Miscellaneous': 4 balls of Sean Sheep wool. The pictures don't show the color very well, but it's a nice autumnal mix.

I think it may become a Sophie bag.

I totally adore this package, and I think mine must be the best of everyone's because I got a rock star! Seriously, top that! :)



Miss Me said...

yay! it even arrived on time - love that... i'm glad that you liked everything. i had an absolute BLAST with this swap. it's not everyone who would appreciate henry... ; )

Lisa said...

WOW! A rock star showed up in your house and gets to stay. I know even as awesome as mine was, I can't trump a rock star. Great haul! Another hint for Miss Me.....that spoilers yarn sounds yummy.....any clues for my birthday box yet?

Martha G said...

This will definitely date me, but I had to look up Henry Rollins, Now that I've seen pictures, I see the resemblance!

Very nice package!

yarnmaniac said...

Truly great!