Friday, March 7, 2008

Package arrives in Oregon

My package came all the way from Sally of Texas. Thank you very much!!!

Something Local - sock yarn from Zen String dyed in Austin, Texas
Something Green - Cascade Luna Puruvian Cotton
Something Hard - Strawberry Margarita hard candies
Something with the letter "T" - Stash Premium green tea sampler
Something Round - stitchmarkers hand made by Ana from "Entrelac"
Something Funny - a "Bug Out Bob" toy which the 5 year old has claimed
Something for a Knitty lover - ChiaoGoo straight needles in size 8 and some Blue Moon Beads with a knitting theme


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad it arrived on time. :)

kasiaiscarly said...

strawberry margarita hard candy sounds SOOOOOOOOOO good!

Lisa said...

Package sounds yummy all the way around. And I'll for the candy....drinking with candy!