Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My box arrived!

Photo evidence at right :)

My spoiler had warned me that my box might be a little late, but no worries :) It arrived yesterday and with hockey championships (mites) and other family stuff, I simply didn't get to open it. That's okay, tho, because today is MY BIRTHDAY! so it was fun to wait and open it today.

I got a LOVELY parcel from Heather of wanderingstitch.blogspot.com. She's in Alaska, which is pretty exciting (particularly to this gal in Phoenix who misses 4 seasons).

In my box:

Something local - Rabbit Ridge Designs Handdyed Yarn from Anchorage (that's the skein right in front of the book)
Something T - tub time stuff - bath gels, bath fizzies, tub tea, a FANTASTIC rubber ducky-sheep soap!
Something green - a leaf pattern bath mitt from Knit 1 Crochet 2 in a cute little bag and complete with soap (i'm choosing not to think that Heather has received word that I stink - all this bathing stuff :D )
Something funny - the Stitchy McYarnPants book, which is, as you might guess, HYSTERICAL!
Something hard - stitch markers with hockey goalies! My boys were covetous. Maybe this will motivate them to learn to knit ;)
Something round - Knitterella gift tags. I've lusted after these, so they were a great surprise.
Spoiler's Choice - a sock pattern (Ariel Socks from The Knitter)and 2 skeins of Soxx Appeal yarn. That's a GREAT name for yarn. The pattern looks interesting and I'm excited to give them a try.

Thanks so much, Heather!


kasiaiscarly said...

happy belated birthday!

soxx appeal is great :) i love the little green monkey face, too!

Arctic Knitter said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad the package finally arrived - the book is such a kick in the pants! :0) Happy Knitting!