Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kitchener to Connecticut! Thank you Jenn!

Thank you JENN!  What a great package!  As you can see she wrapped and labeled all of my goodies. 
Something round -Yellow flowered stitch markers - so pretty!
Something hard - Hot Cocoa Mug stitch markers - very cute!
Something related to "T" - Candle Tin - vanilla -  smells great!
Something funny - Cute wooden mouse - for grandkids and cat to chase!

Something green - Caron Simply Soft - very soft!
Spoilers choice - purple Cascade yarn - awesome color!
Something local - Helping hand soap /lavender - smells wonderful!
                                Dishcloth with moose design hand knitted by Jenn from Bernat yarn
Thank you Jenn for a wonderful package!  I love all of my goodies!  You really did your homework on me - everything is perfect!


kasiaiscarly said...

oooh! those markers are from sunne, aren't they! i love her markers! what is the pattern on the washcloth? i can't quite make it out!

Jane Doe Jenn said...

It's a moose (looks more like a reindeer to me, but the pattern did say moose). It was so fun to make! I really liked being her secret pal, this has been such a great thing for me to be part of!

Glad it arrived safely, and so thrilled the items are so well enjoyed!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful package. The yarns looks amazing. I love the stitch markers....where did they come from?