Saturday, March 1, 2008

Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use

I got my final item from Christy last Saturday!! It was her "Spoiler's Choice" Category, named in the title of this post. Unfortunately, I had a stomach bug that day and could barely move from the bed. In fact, I felt so awful, I didn't even open the package, knowing it was there, until Sunday! Now THAT is sick. Then it went thru the rest of the household, so I've been busy.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Something Buffy the Vampire Slayer Could Use....

In Christy's words: "Just some cheerful wood knitting needles which also could be used to stake a vampire if needed."

Thanks, Christy! I love them!!

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Lisa said...

Remind me to get some of these for my emergency kit too! The look great and since they could possibly slay vampires, who knows how valuable they could be!

Glad that you are feeling better!

yarnmaniac said...

I like the inventive category name!