Monday, March 3, 2008

Pull out the Snow-Shoes - I'm Lovin' Alaska!

Do you happen to remember this? It was a wonderful Posh Yarn surprise from my pal, Diane. Category = Green

Well, there was more from Diane today! Just look at what she's sent to my all the way from North Pole, Alaska (how cool would it be to have that address? Okay, I'm so wimpy that I'd be crying my eyes out after 2 days; but in theory...)

Alaskan Tea (blueberry and raspberry) = Something beginning with "T"
North Pole coffee = Something Local
Sock-size dpns = Part II of Something Hard (we aren't usually friends)
Great Sock yarn = Spoiler's Choice (so there temptress sock-knitting teacher!)
Difficult Sock pattern = Something Hard
Fun post-it notes = Something Fun
and candy! = Just because it's the right thing to do : )
Diane, I can't thank you enough!


Jess P. said...

I have friends in North Pole Alaska who sent us that coffee for Christmas - it's yummy. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

That looks like jitterbug yarn. If it is, then it is very yummy.....I would love to try tea and coffee from Alaska, just because it sounds so yummy. Enjoy the whole package!

yarnmaniac said...

I wonder if she knows Santa?

Anonymous said...

Santa Claus' house isn't too far away! =)

I'm glad, Clara, that you liked the package...and actually the Jitterbug yarn was the something round and the needles were something needed for the something hard pattern! =)

Enjoy! It's been great to meet you!