Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Received swap package ....

I received a wonderful swap package in yesterdays mail from Leta!!

Something round: A wonderful ball of Merino yarn...beautiful colorway!
Something funny: A great travel mug with quirky avatars!
Something local: A notepad and a postcard from Iowa!
Spoilers choice: Two boxes of tea, to use with my something funny!!
Something hard: A cute round tin with a candle inside!
Something related to the letter "T": A tea towel that she embroidered a llama on, it is very cute and nicely done!
Something green: Small green post it notes to use with my knitting.

What is wrong with this picture......?

It was an extra something green, it took me a minute to figure it out but once I unzipped it, it was quite obvious that it was a "green" shopping bag. Then I saw the label....LOL

Here is a close up of the handy work.....

Thank you so much Carly for hosting such a fun swap. And thank you Leta for such a fun package!!

(I should have included this earlier.....From the back of the post card;

Brandon, Iowa, home of the state's largest frying pan, is just one mile west of US Interstate 380 off exit 49, roughly half way between Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo. the frying pan measures 14.3 feet tall by 9.3 feet wide and weighs 1,020 pounds. It was created in honor of Brandon's cowboy breakfasts, held twice a year in May and September. The open-fire breakfasts typically serve 1,500 people, courtesy of 80 local volunteers.

PS.. My package is waiting pick up by the postal person this morning. Going Priority.


kasiaiscarly said...

WOW! That towel is so thoughtful and nicely done!

kasiaiscarly said...

he he. . . in looking at the larger photo, it begs the question how big IS the largest frying pan in Iowa? :)

Lisa said...

What a great package. The handiwork is evident. Well done!