Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sorry, my package is the best!

My swap package from Carly came today. It's the best so far, at least for me. I had such a good time opening it. Categories are as follows:

Something local: Julia scarf pattern from a designer in Virginia Beach. It's wonderful and I'm going to use some of my handspun alpaca to make a scarf using the pattern.

Something hard: A yummy E. Wedel Polish chocolate and hazelnut bar. I'm trying to rush through this to grab a bite. I bet it doesn't last the weekend, much less the day.

Something round: A pendant yarn cutter (which I've really been wanting).

Something green: This is very special. I remember admiring this when Carly posted a picture earlier on the blog. It's a lavender shopping bag she crocheted. Husband and I are both thrilled.

Something T: Scrabble tile stitch markers that spell Swap. I love these!

Something funny: A cup with the front of the sheep on one side, the hind part of the sheep on the other. She found it at RiteAid, which is also hilarious.

Spoiler choice: Light teal Alpaca silk. I have plans already to use it to make a hat a friend of my designed for this fiber. I also have some alpaca lace in the same color to match the hat.

Carly also included treats for the dogs, cats, and seeds for the vegetable and flower gardens in our yard, and a cute amigurumi-like animal note pad.

I feel very lucky that I had the swap hostess herself to surprise me. I loved my package, Carly. Thank you!

More details on my blog


Lisa said...

What a wonderful package! I will head to the blog for more and I can't wait to see the FO's from the yarns....

Jane Doe Jenn said...

Me, too! I can't wait to see your FO with the hat you are making from that beautiful silk yarn!