Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank you, Debbie!!

...for my WON-derful package!! These aren't the most fabulous pics, but I am quite enamoured of my Scavenger Hunt gifts!!

First, I got Something Green: a HUGE hank of Cascade Eco-yarn in a yummy fuschia

Somthing Round: one of those clever Clover thread cutters that can go thru customs

Something Local: Scrumptious looking chocolates, including "Icewine" filled Dark Chocolate candy bar....I'm saving that for Sunday, with coffee!

Something "T": A devilishly cute Hello Kitty tote bag!! Perfect for carrying a knitting project around!

Spoiler's Choice: A Wild & Crazy ornament of Animal, from the Muppets, playing drums!! He looks a LOT like me, when I played combo drums in high school!!

and my absolute FAV?? See the little cotton knit fabric bags in black, white & red?? They are eco-ganic cotton, with LITTLE PANTIES printed on them!! OMG!! Love, love, love these!! I know, I know, what a twisted woman, but I can't help it!

Thank you Debbie, SO much, and thank you Carly for organizing everything!

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kasiaiscarly said...

OMG!! Icewine in chocolate?!?! I adore icewine. . . fell in love during a winery tour of niagara falls! very jealous! And the red panties. . . how perfect!!!